Ludicrous Dodge Viper price extortion

By Peter Chubb - Apr 30, 2015

The cost of a new Dodge Viper in the US is currently around $90,000, as long as you do not go for any optional extras. However, we have come across some worrying news about the ludicrous Dodge Viper price extortion in China.

Are you ready for this, because if you would like the privilege of buying one of these iconic sports cars in China, is reporting that you will have to pay 298 million yuan for the privilege, which converts to around $480,000.

High Dodge Viper price

We can understand paying several thousand extra dollars because of the increased cost involved with importing this vehicle, but almost $400,000 more is terrible. This equates to a massive 500 percent mark-up, which to us is a complete rip-off and anyone going down this route are mad, especially as there are far better cars to go for.

Most of the extra cost comes down to the Chinese tax code, as there is a massive premium to pay for vehicles that have an engine over a 4-liter, and we know the Viper is almost double that. The dealership has currently sold three Viper’s and has plans to import more to fulfill future orders.

The same dealership in Beijing also sells the Corvette Stingray for $280,000, which is far cheaper, yet still too expensive – although a far better vehicle.

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