First LG G4 battery case, the Mophie Juice

As far as we know, Mophie has revealed the very first LG G4 battery case, which is its Juice Pack. However, we are not sure it will actually be the first battery case for LG’s new flagship handset to hit the market, seeing as though they will not ship until late June.

That is a long time to wait, although when you think the LG G4 release date is not until May 28, you will only be waiting a month or so. Having said that, this will surely give other battery case makers time to announce models of their own, and even beat the LG G4 Mophie Juice Pack to market.

Mophie Juice batter case for the LG G4

Features and price – The Juice Pack made for the LG G4 will sport a powerful 3,450mAh battery, although this is not the biggest we have seen from such a battery case. However, what this will give you is peace of mind, knowing that you have at least another 80 percent battery life at your disposal.

Additional hours with the battery case are 31 hours of talk time, 20 hours of Internet use and 23 hours of video playback. This is compared to 19, 11 and 13 hours without.

There is a trade-off though, as extra bulk will be added to the G4, although for those people that require extended battery life, this is just something they have had to learn to live with over the years. The price for this new case will be $100 and you can already pre-order yours on the Mophie website.

Speaking of cases, you can also pre-order the Noreve case for LG’s new smartphone.



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