Dell Venue 10 7000 configuration options

By Peter Chubb - Apr 29, 2015

The all-new Dell Venue 10 7000 has been known to us for a few weeks now, although when it came to its upgrade options, we never really had too much information. Thankfully, we now have all the Dell Venue 10 7000 configuration options available, the prices of which range from $499 to $679.

Looking on the Dell website we can see three Dell Venue 10 7000 variants in all, and those are the 16GB model only, the 16GB with keyboard, and 32GB of internal storage with that keyboard included.

These are the only differences, as they all pack the exact same hardware, such as its 2.33GHz Intel Atom Z3580 processor, Intel HD graphics, 2GB of RAM and all three run on Android 5.0.

Dell Venue 10 7000 models

It’s obvious that consumers will be looking at the Dell Venue 10 7000 and wondering if the new Surface 3 would be a better option, and so we recently discussed this very issue.

To help give you a better idea of just what this new tablet from Dell has to offer, we have embedded a review video for you to watch below,

For those of you that have chosen to go down the Dell route, then there are also a bunch of Venue 10 7000 tablet accessories and services to choose from, more details of which can be seen on the Dell website.

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