Aggressively priced Apple Watch accessories from Spigen

Not all of those early Apple Watch pre-orders have been fulfilled, but from those that have there is already a decent range of third-party accessories to choose from. One company certainly means business, as they have aggressively priced Apple Watch accessories, and that brand in question is Spigen.

The Spigen lineup of accessories are some of the best we have seen so far from third-party brands, and one product that stands out – excuse the pun – is the metal stand. The S330 Watch Stand is made from aluminum and so very much similar to the iMac and display stands.

Other Spigen Apple Watch accessories include five cases, such as the Liquid Crystal, as well as two screen protectors. All these products will not be available until May, which is only days away.

Spigen Apple Watch cases

Going back to that stand for a moment, as its best feature has to be its price; just $20. This is such a cheap price that offers peace of mind keeping your Apple Watch safe while it chargers. This means you will be able to afford to have one in your bedroom to charge at night and even one elsewhere if you have used too much power after a good workout.

We do fear that some of these covers take away what makes these Apple smartwatches so stylish in the first place, although if you feel that you need to protect them because of what you will subject them to, then you don’t have much of a choice do you. To see the complete collection visit the Spigen website in the UK or US.



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