Snapchat not refreshing, or loading stories

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 29, 2015

The Snapchat app on Android and iPhone is not refreshing stories for thousands of users right now, as reported on our dedicated status page. Product Reviews readers reported problems with Snapchat within the last 30 minutes on April 28, 2015.

We haven’t seen any confirmation on the official Twitter, or other social accounts, but it’s clear most users have issues today on Android and iOS devices.

Snapchat not refreshing stories for thousands

One of our readers said, “I could not refresh messages and get a try again error message on my Snapchat app for Android”. Another added, “my Snapchat stories won’t load, I login and cannot see them and get a message asking me to add new friends”. It’s still unclear why these problems have started just moments ago.

Are you having problems with Snapchat not refreshing stories today and if so, is the app totally down or just in regard to loading stories?


Update: The Snapchat support channel on Twitter confirmed the problems today, and that a fix is being worked on. You can see their tweet above, or on our problems page for Snapchat.

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  • Abigail Ferguson

    Mines the same I can’t watch my friends snaps it keeps telling me error in connecting to server. I uninstalled it n then reinstalled n its was the same.😠😒.. Must fix😢

  • Petra

    Can’t view my friends story. It wont load at all ! I’ve refresh , reset my phone even delete the app & re-uploaded it. Nothing has changed.

  • Evan

    Mines doing the same thing and I have deleted the app, done hard shutdowns, and signed out multiple times and still nothing works.

  • Jasmine Mbata

    Same…my stories wont load and it keeps saying could not refresh…. I rested my phone and re installed the app nothing worked 😣

  • waad aljaber

    My stories won’t load either 😭 any help?

  • Lee Miller

    My stories arent loading either using a sony z3

  • naaa


  • Mari

    It’s not lettletting me load my videos to my story it throws me out of snap..ugh so frustrated with this app

  • Christina Stewart

    Also having issues.. Could not refresh messages…

  • Sophia

    I keep getting the “Could not refresh messages” error on Snapchat, I guess their servers are down.

  • Nath

    The app keeps saying wont load messages on snapchat.

  • Robert

    I cant open my snapchat stories

    • Billy

      I can’t see the stories on snapchat either, when will it be fixed?

  • Kerry

    I can’t load any stories either.