LG Watch Urbane accessories for customization

Having already explained earlier today that the LG Watch Urbane is now for sale on the Google Play Store, and as such seems to have forced the Moto 360 to be reduced in price, we now look at the accessories available to this new smartwatch, or lack of them.

The new Watch Urbane from LG comes in a choice of two colors and those are gold or silver. However, we are told that there are a number of straps to help suit your mood, although the Google Play Store does not seem to be stoking those accessory options, which we find very strange.

LG Watch Urbane accessories

We do know that its standard strap is made from leather, but what of those other bands? We keep getting redirected to the UK Google Play Store, so maybe they have no strap options at this time. If you are in the US and can see that store, then we would like to know if you are seeing the choice of LG Watch Urbane straps, and other accessories, and if so what their prices are?

On the product page it says, “Switch 22mm straps to match your mood.” So we know they are coming. However, when you go on the LG product page, you cannot even buy the new smartwatch yet, and so can only register your interest, which seems a little odd if you ask us.

The big question now is, do you go for this new model from LG, save yourself $70 and opt from the Moto 360, or maybe go with the Apple Watch instead?



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