EE silent about problems today

EE has been incredibly silent in regard to the network problems taking place today, Sunday April 24. We first heard about no signal on Android and iPhone devices around 9PM in the UK, although some Product Reviews readers reported service came back up after around an hour, but without any data service.

In fact, it’s clear thousands of EE customers cannot send or receive text messages and some are still complaining about no signal in certain areas. One commenter said, “I have No EE network in Lancashire, it must be down for others”. Another added, “How do I find out the EE signal and network status, there’s an EE signal problem in Bridgend”.

EE silent about problems today

Whatever is happening, EE is very silent about the phone network having issues and their Twitter page hasn’t been updated in around 2 hours. The last update and reply focused on broadband problems, which replied to a user and offered help in finding status updates. We doubt the network problems are for all the UK, but we have received a number of reports and seen hundreds on Twitter.

Is EE down for you today, or are you having data or signal problems right now? We will update this article with any official statements, as we have reached out to support for comment. Leave your issues on our status page and remember to leave your local town, or area.



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