Countdown to Black Ops 3 gameplay with viral tease

Are you getting excited about Black Ops 3 yet? For those that still don’t know, the game is going to be revealed officially with a Black Ops 3 gameplay world premiere on April 26.

Before that though, we can see that Treyarch has unveiled yet another piece of their viral campaign for the upcoming game, this one lasting a lot longer than what we’ve seen in previous teases.

It’s all about technological advancements over the last 50 years and we’re assuming that Treyarch is trying to build up hype towards the main technological theme to the Black Ops 3 storyline.


If we’re honest, the whole video seems a strange fit for a Call of Duty game. But then again, the whole idea of a viral campaign is to engage interest and that’s what this video is certainly doing right now.

Check out the full 3 minute clip below and don’t forget to tune in on Sunday April 26 for the big reveal. Give us your expectations for Black Ops 3 and whether you are ready to buy in to yet another COD game.



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