Samsung’s new Gear VR price official tomorrow

Samsung’s new Gear VR headset looks set to start pre-orders tomorrow on the Best Buy website, which as we know is built to work in conjunction with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This revamped model comes with a host of new features, which we have yet to learn the details of.

While we have yet to learn the official 2015 Samsung Gear VR price, we expect it will be similar to that of the current model, $200. However, we will have to wait until tomorrow, April 24, to learn just how much Best Buy will be selling the updated device for.

Samsung's new Gear VR features

For those that do not like to pre-order, then you will have to wait until May 8th and then order your second generation Gear VR headset from Best Buy and the Samsung Online Store in order to get immediate delivery.

However, if you would much rather walk into a store, then you will have to wait until May 15 in order to get your hands on one to try before you buy, which might be the better option if you have any apprehensions.

Once the pre-order page goes live on Best Buy tomorrow we should then learn those all-imortant specs, which have so far eluded us.



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