New Apple Watch videos demonstrate specific features

In a way to better prepare you for the Apple Watch, the company has been releasing a few Guided Tour videos over the month, and yesterday decided to add a further three to the list. These new videos included demonstrations on Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout features, all of which will come in handy to know.

There are now ten Apple Watch videos that demonstrate specific features, all of which you can see on this specific page dedicated to Apple’s latest iOS device. However, we have also embedded the latest demonstration videos below, something we did very similar to at the start of April.

In the first video we get to learn more about Apple Pay using its new smartwatch, and so you learn the ability to pay via the device. You also learn how to add more cards.

New Apple Watch features

The second video teaches you about Activity, and highlights three simply tasks that you will use every day. Finally, if you aim to keep fit, then the Workout feature video guide is worth a look, which is in the third video below.

When you head to the special page dedicated to these videos you will notice that there are now ten in all, and cover many of the main aspects of the new iOS device. This is a great way to familiarize yourself before you finally get your hands on the upcoming smartwatch, which you should learn soon when your delivery will be.



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