Elder Scrolls Online beta codes for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online beta codes for PS4 and Xbox One are now starting to be sent out by invitation only. If you feel like you have a chance to participate, you should now check your inbox to see if Sony has sent you an email.

This is a very limited beta and will only be available for four days. The exact times have already been confirmed, with the Elder Scrolls Online beta start time being 10am Eastern time from April 23-27.

This is also the Elder Scrolls Online beta end time too, so for those playing in the UK – you’ll be able to do so until 2pm UK time on both PS4 and Xbox One platforms.


All is not lost however if you haven’t been sent the invite. We can see that some Twitter users have already started to offer Elder Scrolls Online beta code giveaways, on a first come first serve basis.

Failing that, you will also want to head to the official Elder Scrolls Online community over at Reddit – as a specific beta giveaway thread is now running too.

By following Twitter and by heading over to Reddit, you give yourself a good chance of getting a beta code if someone doesn’t want it.

There’s also the possibility of some users willing to trade, as we’ve seen one example of someone offering a Mewtwo DLC code for Smash Bros in exchange for an Elder Scrolls Online one – a pretty awesome trade in our opinion!

Let us know how you get on and leave your details below if you want a code – you may just get lucky.

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  • if i can get one on ps4 i will mention you in my video contact me with jcgaming20023@gmail.com

  • Randy Hollingsworth

    i know im late but if i can get one for xbox one that be great. my computer broke. 🙁 email gam3_0v3r_69@yahoo.com ty.

  • Joseph Czeck

    if i can get one for ps4 please contact me at jczeck89@gmail.com

  • Ashley Marsh

    Much appreciated if i could get a beta code for ps4
    PSN – Nice_NBK
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    Thnx much appreciated

  • ⚡️Charlie⚡️

    Would love a code for ps4 if someone has it psn charlie12102
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  • Juan Anzaldua

    PSN: Adderallgeek

    I will grind and pay you 250k in game if possible PLEASE SEND THIS FANBOY A BETA KEY FOR PS4 CONSOLE!

  • danny

    looking for ps4 code please TELLUB_10 PSN or dannybeags@hotmail.com. thanks

  • Beyond Dzn

    anyone have a spare xbox one code? Thanks

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  • Fraggerman87

    Does anyone have a spare beta code, I don’t mind what console. I’ve been waiting for this game for almost four years without being able to even play the game at all other than watching YouTube videos.
    Thanks, Harry

  • Mike

    need one please, email proud@live.com will pay 5$ ty

    • Mike

      For PS4.

  • Kiel

    Could someone give me an xbox one code please? Signed up with about 20 e-mails and did not get a thing please someone. 17krautky@fpsct.org is my email. Please and thanks.

  • Eklipse

    psn: ek_girl looking a code for ps4 :O plz

  • Jordan Russell

    @danny_koh:disqus I have a ps4 code i’d be willing to trade. MSG Me on XBOX – Vickadeiphia

    • Fraggerman87

      I’ll give you sunset overdrive for it if you want. I’m fraggerman87 by the way

    • Fraggerman87

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    • TheFalseProphet

      would you be willing to gameshare for it?

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    Would really love to try an MMO on Xbox One 😀 If you have a spare code I would be really grateful ~Shadow Hawk1806 (P.S, That is also my Xbl GT)

    • Justin Weaver

      Then play neverwinter. It’s free and a true MMO.

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