Dual-screen PopSlate similar to Mophie iPhone 6 battery case

We are not too certain how many of you have wanted a second screen on your iPhone 6, and an e-ink screen at that. You may think this sounds familiar and you would be correct, as the YotaPhone was rather similar, although this was an entire phone and not just a case.

The product in question is called the PopSlate and the best way to describe it would be something very similar to the Mophie iPhone 6 battery case, albeit with a dual-screen.

How it works – The way in which you get information sent to the ePaper screen is by using an app, and will be able to hold eight images at a time. The screen can always be on and so offers you the ability to glance at an image without the hassle of having to unlock the phone and view the main screen.

Dual-screen PopSlate iPhone 6 case

What we like is that this will not drain any power from your iPhone 6 battery, as the case has its own battery, although it does not add extra charge to your phone.

Gizmag has been hands-on with the PopSlate and found that it added a new layer of functionality to the iPhone, although the experience was not perfect.

If after reading the review you feel it is something for you, then you can buy one now, although it does cost $129, which might sound a lot, although you just have to ask yourself if this is something you need?



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