COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC news

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2015

With Xbox players having played Ascendance to death, attention has now switched to the COD Advanced Warfare DLC Map pack 3 and what content will be coming with the Supremacy pack.

Supremacy is the name of the next DLC for Advanced Warfare and that means another four new multiplayer maps, the next COD AW Zombies map and also a brand new DLC weapon.

So far, Sledgehammer Games have not given out any teasers on what we can expect to see. This is due to the fact that we are still around a month away from launch.

There has been no official COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC release date for Xbox One and Xbox 360 announced yet, but rumors suggest that it could be landing on May 26, 2015.


After the brilliant Infection zombies map, we do wonder what Sledgehammer are planning to do with the next one and we bet they are currently working on another zombies easter egg surprise for everyone.

Assuming that COD Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC news from Sledgehammer will be coming towards the end of the month for Xbox Season Pass owners, we want to know what your expectations of the new maps are.

Do you buy your COD Season Pass just to play zombies, or is it all about the new multiplayer maps for you? Tell us what you are looking forward to the most and how the developers can keep the game fresh in your opinion.

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  • apxpredator

    anyone know if it’s been pushed a week or still comes out today??

  • dan

    Lol @ people complaining about zombies mode. You must just be terrible at it.

    • apxpredator

      ikr lol

  • NowThatsGaming

    Does anyone know if this map pack is releasing tomorrow?

    • LoveMissy

      i just see a post about it may be delayed by a week

      • NowThatsGaming

        Yup its coming out June 2nd

  • Leroy


  • Nick Jackson Joshua Ferguson

    I only bought the season pass to play zombies

  • cptn morgan69

    Must have another easter egg! Loved the grapple playlist, but would be nice if you could play it on more than just those four maps.

  • The 3rd dlc weapon is not the revolver that was given to everyone as a thank you from the game makers.

    • Bradley Newell

      What revolver?

      • Tristan Riwalinson

        the m1.

  • Greg

    I bought Advanced Warfare and the season pass just for zombies -_- pretty disappointing so far. The Campaign is pretty good though. Multiplayer I’m terrible at and I don’t know how anyone can be good at it. The jumping just ruins it for me.

    • ferney45

      theres a thing called classic mode with no exos

  • Joshua Sanders

    I want a rust remake!

  • Kevin b

    I absolutely hate these zombies maps compared to the last call of duty. Mostly because if u go down u lose your exo abilities quickly and the game is basically over. The infected part is pretty stupid too… Forcing you to go to a tiny room, surely to die.

    • purplewolf90

      The exo zombies maps aren’t that bad yeah they could be a little bigger but apart from that I like them. Also your point of losing exo abilities over time when downed is invalid as atleast you have a chance of keeping some of the abilities if someone can get to you in time whereas in the other zombies maps on black ops you lose all ur perks the moment you go down.

    • top lad

      Your just bad

  • The Sandman

    What’s the weapon I wonder?

  • akaba

    I think that the 3rd DLC will be the best because they will do the best for reduce the hype of black ops 3.
    I want a new longrifle bit the 3rd DLC will have a revolver like gun