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Sony’s new 2015 4K TV lineup pricing and availability

Sony has finally announced its 4K Ultra HD TV lineup for 2015, and we can say that a number of picture enhancing technologies have been incorporated into these new models. Over the years we have come to expect some beautiful TV designs from Sony, and from what we have seen, you will not be disappointed.

What makes these new models far better than their predecessors is the use of the new 4K Processor X1, which not only allows for greater picture quality, but also improves on the overall speed and Android features.

Sony's new 2015 4K TV lineup pricing

The six new 4K Ultra HD TV series models are – the X830C, X850C, X900C, X910C, X930C, and the X940C. The screen sizes for these are 43, 55, 55, 75, 65 and 75 inches respectively. Having said that, there are also different sizes for the first three models, and so pricing will vary. As for prices, you can see them here on the Sony Blog.

Sony’s new 2015 4K TV lineup availability – These new models will be available from May, although we are told that you can already pre-order them now. We have had trouble finding those pre-orders on the Sony, although the blog does state that you will also be able to get them from Amazon and Best Buy.

Three main differences with the 2015 lineup over last year are brilliant picture quality, a smarter TV and being ultra-thin. If your budget cannot stretch that much, then you could consider the Vizio M and Reference Series 4K TV lineup instead.



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