GTA V Zombies DLC secret found in PC files

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2015

We have not heard about any GTA V zombie DLC news for a long time, but thankfully with the launch of the PC version of the game we have some juicy information to share with you.

Many GTA V players are wondering what the future holds for the game with regards to DLC, especially since we haven’t even had a piece of single-player DLC for the game yet since launch.

It’s quite amazing when you think about it, given that traditionally Rockstar has released at least one major single-player expansion within one year of launch.

It hasn’t happened yet though and we can only assume that Rockstar are still working on it. Now, we have some more clues to suggest that this content may include the arrival of GTA V zombies.


PC users have been able to dig up some files from the game, specifically name dropping zombies which is already inside the PC files.

You can take a look at the underground activity that modders are getting up to on the GTA Forums, but evidence of zombies can be seen in the Tweet above.

What does this all mean? Is Rockstar finally ready to give players GTA Online zombies as the next major content drop or not?

Leave your thoughts and suggestions below.

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  • Someone who knows GTA

    Dude, no offense, but you have no clue what you’re talking about. In Story Mode, a Vinewood (Hollywood) street performer is dressed up in makeup to look like a zombie. As a matter of fact, the “zombie” from the trailer pictured in the article is that very same actor.

  • Over GTAV & Over PC Fanbois

    Actually, that’s no DLC in 18 months since launch.
    Who cares anymore?
    The game was average at best. For all the hate Wacchdogs got, I preferred it. It had cool online game modes and was FINISHED. Not some pathetic announcements that we would get Heists in the next couple of weeks every few weeks only to NEVER GET IT.
    Why give Kockstar three or so years to release? They released in 2013. Online was cr@p. Move on. Don’t write these sycophantic articles about what is still to come. Great, the PC geeks in their Mom’s basement might get this, might get that. Does it matter what pirates will and will not get included in their version?The majority of us BOUGHT it 18 MONTHS AGO. We got zero DLC in the time I played it.
    All this site goes on about is GTAV on PC. Get over it. How about you drag this site out of 2013?
    Do you give this much attention when a game like KOTOR gets released for iPad? No. Becasue it is the same old game, just on a new platform. And seriously, are you going to write some puff piece on every little pathetic mod that every pimple-faced kid in his Mom’s basement has made going forward.
    There is no way I will be buying GTAVI, but I hope it comes out soon, just so that this site has something new to talk about. This game is over 18 MONTHS OLD!!!! You have next to zero articles on a truly epic game like the Witcher 3 that is actually coming out next month and will actually be FINISHED. Just looking at the three related articles below makes me wanna puke in a paper bag. Fawning over the “better graphics”. The funnyiest; the article that claims the video editor will make a console gamer who finished the game 18 months ago jealous. Hahahaha. Pathetic. What’s your next article? Examining how awesome Monkey Island would look on your “new rig”?
    Sheesh. Standards of gaming journalism really need looking at closely. I know that posting a lone comment probably doubles this site’s traffic from 1 to 2, but I cannot stand this Alan Ng’s obsession with GTAV on PC. Move on…and get laid, that should help.

    • Kids Mad ^

      Someone seems mad lol so are you mad that you had to wait for heists or you just one of those kids that likes to ramble on about nonsense?

      • Over GTAV & Over PC Fanbois

        No mate, just look at the article spread on this site. You would think GTAV was the only game in existence.
        Also, I don’t “wait” for anything, buddy. Just like I am not “waiting” to grow wings and be able to fly. I (stupidly) bought the first version, therefore I never played Heists – I do not wait for what should have been in the original release. My advice for any future Kockstar game is, ironically, WAIT!!. Haha. If you you have to buy their games, that is. After being made a fool of (I admit it, they got me with their original release) I will not be buying ANY Kocksatr games, but I know plenty who9 still will. But they have siad they will defr not be buying on Day 1 as who knows what they will be missing out on.
        As I said, the game was not bad, but not that good that it deserves to be mentioned in every second article on this site for the last 18 months. Same with this author’s obsession with PC graphics and our apparent jealousy as console gamers. I could buy a $30k rig if I wanted, but I prefer the ease of my console, so why would I be jealous? I do not lik ebeing lied to by Kockstar. I remember them saying in Sept 2103 that we have Heists by October. Hahaha. They release over a YEAR later, and all you suckers thrive on the crumbs they throw you.
        But I don’t mind fans of the game, but journalists who continue to harp on and on about a game that was release 18 months ago and has only just been finished irks me. They released a crappy original version and therefore each iteration after that improves the game at the margins. BIG DEAL. I don’t see any other articles obsessing over broken or unfinished games that are slowly improved upon. Where’s the AC:U article about how the game now delivers what it should have from the start?
        You guys obviously do not visit this site much if you don’t now what I am talking about. Come back next week and see his next articles on the next tiny thing released for the PC version. I note that he actaully put an article out the Witcher 3, that little release. Was that in reaction my comment? Who knows. But look at the past articles and see if notice a pattern.

        • BloodiaGodMachine

          Some of your facts seem a bit….askew, and some of your motivation misdirected.

          The heists were generally released just a month ago, and they seem to be well worth the wait (although the playerbase for the majority do not grasp team tactics, which the heists thrive on.)
          Comparing the GTA V to Watch Dogs seem to imply that your motives to prove a point are very…questionable at best. I’ve owned both, and WD seemed to start off strong and ends confusing and mediocre, with the hacking scheme seeming gimmicky. WD’s online being a mesh of minigames and drop-in-drop-out annoyances, I’m lost on the comparison, especially since the online scene for WD died pretty quickly because it wasn’t anything more than slightly more polished version what R* had done with GTA IV’s online.

          I feel as though you’re lashing out at the fact that people actually like the game, and were generally excited for the PC release. The benchmarking shows what R* is capable of in a port, which deserves praise, because most Console-to-PC ports suck in comparison. You’re talking the base model on the PS3, which had issues because of the hardware and the sheer fact of bumps in the road on something they’ve never done before on a low system specs were more important than heists or whatever you’re on about. The PC and the next gen consoles were better canvases to work with hardware spec wise, which makes sense why the product improved. Comparing their fixes to AC:U is offputting, because AC is just a new version of something Ubisoft has done for ages with the series, not a new online venture. If Ubisoft had made a completely new game design with bugs, I could see the reason to give them less flack like R* got for their attempt at something not seen before.

          And before you rant about the site, check out Kotaku, Game Informer, and a whole hell of a lot of sites gushing about how beautiful the games is. And before its mentioned, I’ve bought the game on PS3 and the PS4, so I’m beyond valid in what I’m saying on this.

    • Josh Desmond

      Dude the game was awesome before online was available. if Rockstar listened to cry babies they would have taken their perfect 10 score and not even included online. maybe they will do that next time to make YOU happy.

      • Over GTAV & Over PC Fanbois

        Ok, as I said, I do not care as much about gamers being obsessed with one game only. But for a gaming journalist, that is not OK. Just like it is OK for you only to watch the Yankees, but if ESPN ONLY covered the Yankees, I would have the same problem.
        And from Kockstar, yes it does annoy me that they get MORE extensive media just because they drip fed features to the market. It’s set a a bad precedent in that if you want to maximise covergae, release an unfinished gaming promising extra features (Heists was on the back of the box) and take nearly 2 years to release them.
        And, next time, they will do the same thing. Make idiots pay for three different versions with only the last released version having all of what was originally promised.
        Can you tell me why they did not admit to a PS4 or PC version when I paid for my PS3 version? Can you tell me why they put Hesist on the back of the box when I paid for my PS3 version? It was not some “bonus” that we got from the kindness of their hearts. So, no, they would have had a class action on their hands if they did NOT deliver Heists. You make out as though they were not already committed to doing Heists. You are wrong.

        • MaTT

          You stated you got no DLC in the time you played, which is strange seeing how I remember many DLC packs coming out which were even free.

    • Sly McFry

      The butthurt is real