Samsung Smart Hub down, DNS fix for problems

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 19, 2015

Samsung Smart Hub is down today in both the UK and USA, although there is a DNS fix for these problems being offered by the official Samsung Support channel on Twitter. Reports about this Samsung Smart Hub outage first came to Product Reviews late on April 19 in the UK, or late afternoon across most of the United States.

One of our readers said, “My Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray player are not that smart anymore, as I cannot use either when Samsung’s network is down”. Another added, “I have contacted support and what annoys me the most is being told to update firmware, or reset everything, but what Samsung need to do is admit it’s down and they’re fixing it”.


Are you having problems with the Samsung Smart Hub and if so, is it totally down for you today? You can see a tweet below that features one user explaining a system outage on Samsung’s end has rendered the Hub useless, but support are asking them to change the DNS server to


Again, if you have tried the DNS change let us know if this worked and of course when you see Samsung Smart Hub come back up.

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  • stealthbear

    Samsung Smarthub back up in UK – No DNS changes needed… was down for 20 hours …

  • whitewoods

    We have an older Samsung plasma (not a Smart Tv) and we are having the same problem. Have talked with CenturyLink and DirecTv and they are of no help. Any suggestions?

  • MIGregg

    Is everyone back up and running? I’m still down and getting really frustrated. I’ve probably changed so many settings now that I will never get things back to where they were or are supposed to be. Didn’t find this site until it was too late.

  • Shackrock

    DNS fix doesn’t work for most, including me. USA, been down for almost a day now.

  • Steffen

    What I find disturbing is that I cannot access content on my LAN when Samsung’s servers are down. Why do Samsung care if I view local content ?

  • John

    Nothing working for me yet. DNS change enabled connection to network, but when I open apps or web browser it shows network error code 0-12

  • smiley

    This worked for me!

  • Dhawal

    It was not working an hour back. I called samsung no-one responsded. It seems they were receiving a lot of calls.

    I just tried it is now working with same DNS in MN.

  • rbsteink

    ditto !

  • asdf

    208.x.x.x worked in smashville

  • Mike

    Mine is working now, I didn’t have to put any code I just tried to connect to the Internet and it’s now working..

  • M Kim Shep

    Down in MI too..DNS did not work…need to change to open DNS which is….back up and running!!

  • Terskac

    How do you enter this DNS? In my router? I can’t find a DNS setting in the TV software.

    • Kevin

      In “Settings”.
      They way I usually end up there is when Smarthub tells me it isn’t connected to the internet. I go through the setup routine and when it gets to the screen that says, “Connected to the router, but no internet connection” (or something really close to that), you can press the down-arrow key to get to the DNS area. Change it from Automatic to Enter Manually, and then go down one more, press the Enter button and you can either use the numeric keypad on your remote or the Up and Down arrows to change each number.
      For the large numbers involved here, press “2”, “0”, “8”, and Enter. It will move you to the next box, continue and then click on the “Retry” button on the screen.
      Hope that helps.

      • Terskac

        Thank you.

  • becca128 worked here. Netflix up and running.

  • Nathaniel Coffman

    I changed the DNS to both below and got online but won’t let me download any apps so I am still stuck

  • Tigan Mandrie


    • Kevin

      Samsung is Headquartered in Korea.

  • Nathaniel Coffman

    I am online but can’t re download any apps since I reset the hub

  • Harvey

    After hours of troubleshooting entered this DNS and connected to Netflix immediately. Thanks everyone!

  • Adam worked for me but did not. Spent a good 2 hours trying to figure out what was going on myself before I found this site about the outage (try resetting my router and few other things locally before thinking it might be on Samsung’s end).

  • Noel just worked for me 18:40 CST

  • Kevin

    1940 Atlantic Standard Time – April 19, 2015 did NOT work. established a connection.
    Clicked on Netflix — and after an unusually long pause, it launched.

  • Jenn worked for me as well

  • Alyson Gullette

    Worked for me to!! Thanks!

  • anna22 worked for me!

  • Christine ‘works’ according to Network Settings (“your wireless network and Internet connection are setup and ready to use”), but then when I try to run one of the apps it says that I’m not connected. Very confusing.

  • mike worked for me as well. Samsung really should make an announcement about this.

  • matt worked for me. thanks

  • Linda didn’t work for me but did!

  • This solution worked for me.

  • Phelzier

    After rebooting router, switch, and TV it turns out there’s a problem with Smart Hub. Was able to do a firmware update over the internet but no Smart hub. Just changed DNS to and everything works for me

  • Nancy B

    Just purchased a Samsung smart tv today…. came home to this steaming pile of fun… the fix DNS did not work for me.

    • Nancy B

      Open DNS worked….

    • Nancy B

      Open DNS worked….

      • Linda

        Thanks! This worked for me!

      • Kristin

        Thanks this worked!

  • beefbuns

    This has happened to me before. I keep thinking its something on my end, but it’s not, it’s those stupid Samsung servers. But they don’t explain that in your tv, it just says “cannot connect to the internet”. What a joke!

    • Michael Kenward

      That’s the real bummer. Misleading messages when Samsung’s system is down. Change it Samsung, and don’t blame my system for your failures.

  • lee work after a couple of resets

  • John Masters

    I was on hold for 45 mins for on-line chat support, while also holding for phone support (an hour). Both report the outage. Phone support offered the DNS change. An escalation also offered and, but neither of those gave me access. Don’t forget, you can screen mirror from your phone, or your tablet. That’s what we’ll be doing.

    As I explained to the Exec Escalation person, if you’re going to route MY traffic through your servers, then you have to keep your servers up…have you ever heard of a backup site? Not much of an answer, other than they understand and are sorry…of course.

    The ETA I got, at about 5PM today, Sunday is 24-48 hours…so I guess they’ll be getting started on it when the IT folks get into work tomorrow morning. Can’t be interrupting anyone’s weekend.

  • Joel

    I guess there’s no ETA on smart hub coming back up?

  • Ben

    I hear the Samsung Smart Hub is down globally, so it looks like no Netflix tonight.