Unlock Jason on Mortal Kombat X in May, 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 24, 2015

You might have just installed a recent Mortal Kombat X update and then after looking at the patch notes, you’re wondering how to unlock Jason Voorhees on Mortal Kombat X. Considering he has been mentioned in the PS4 Mortal Kombat X 1.02 update notes, we also had a look at the current roster to see if Jason made an appearance, although sadly there’s no such luck right now.

Some of our readers even purchased the season pass and they thought this would enable the DLC pack, or more importantly the selection of Jason in Mortal Kombat X. The fact is, you cannot unlock Jason until the end of April 2015.


As we mentioned in an article from earlier this week, the Jason release date was looking like April 26 and would be followed by the Predator DLC in May or June. The 1.02 update on PS4 and Xbox One mentions “character and costumes” being added, but these are also only for “online compatibility” and this would mean support is being added only at this time.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to unlock Jason on Mortal Kombat X then you will need to wait a few more days until nearer the end of this month. Have you purchased the season pass and if so, are you most excited for Jason Voorhees?

Update on April 24: It has now been confirmed that you will be able to unlock Jason in Mortal Kombat X on May 5, 2015. The details came directly during the Kombat Kast show, and of course those that purchased the Kombat Pack DLC will get to play as Jason for about a week before anyone else.

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  • deon

    How the heck do u unlock Jason his icon shows but for some reason I still haven’t figure out how to unlock him. Any help

  • vinom junior

    Its may 5 and i still cannot use jason…think yall jacked us/me for my money…thats $29.99 plus tax for dat dam.kombat pack!

  • Jay Marko

    This is Bull$#!t I’m getting tired of these updates that make you think that your getting the product only to find out it’s not ready yet. Just make them available when they are ready. Greedy man. And misleading. Same issue for tiptoe and cinder in KI. Going back to the 360 for a while.

  • Mikey

    Just saw the news, I can unlock and play as Jason on Tuesday May 5th.

  • Nathan Stegner

    Bought the limited edition because I thought I could play as Predator and Jason from day one, how wrong I was. Oh well, it’s still fun.

  • o_SPectRe26_o

    Fu<k Jason Voorhees. Tremor for the flawless victory!

  • L

    I saw him too. In two player mode, then he disappeared.

    • Tony

      me too but when i play online again it doesnt show him anymore

  • Drake

    I’m just waiting

  • Davinder

    i saw him on my character Roaster on online mode i think it was a glitch it happened on my stream if u are intrested just check it out but for some reason i could not play as him

    • Your Old Gameboy

      What does he act like

      • Trey Peters

        jason looks like jason

    • Jackson12

      I saw him on online mode but it wouldn’t let me play as him

  • Archil Baramidze

    What happened with smoke and noob my favorite characters?

    • Tony

      i forgot who was in the story mode noob or smoke, one of them might be in future download content but we didnt fight them in the story mode so they might not even be in download content.

    • disqus_sw1WlIrKMv

      too many little bitches were cheesing with them, so they had to go.

  • JVincent

    What part of “early access” do they not understand? Ripoff

  • scopis

    26 with unstoppable variation

  • scopis

    he’s up to 71 wins

  • Billy

    There’s no Jason gameplay for Mortal Kombat X on YouTube, so I doubt it’s happening unless by some sort of beta testers.

  • Nathan

    I see Jason in the character viewer, so I guess his assets are now included in the game thanks to the update but he’s not activated yet. I don’t believe others have seen him played online.

  • AL

    I’ve seen other people playing as Jason within online matches, how the doing this?

    • Billy

      Is Jason already out?

  • scopis

    the little thing that tells me how many times a character has won thats at the bottom left corner of the online menu just said “Times jason has won: 53” so motherfuckers are using him somewhere somehow

  • Mikey

    I want to know all the mortal kombat x dlc relase dates?

  • Ben

    I installed the update and then looked for Jason, but like others found he’s missing. So, I purchased the season pass thinking that would unlock him, but then found out the new character releases later this month. Not happy at all.

    • Soma

      It’s tomorrow, the patch went live today, he unlocks tomorrow morning from what Event hubs said

      • Jesse

        I have heard anyone that gets the season pass gets the dlc a week early