Ultratide Surf Watch is another smartwatch for surfers

The world seems to have gone smartwatch mad, as everyone seems to want in – well you know what we mean. Apple is a little late to the party, although early pre-orders show that the Apple Watch is set to be the best selling smartwatch we have seen since they were first introduced. The likes of Nixon has been making watches for years, and we especially like its new addition, the Ultratide Surf Watch.

What we have here is technically another smartwatch for surfers, and so gives these enthusiasts another option – well you cannot have too much can you.

If you are an avid surfer, then you might want to give this new watch a look, as it really does offer you some great information to ensure you have the best day possible surfing.


The Nixon Ultratide Surf Watch will be released later this month at a price of $300. Ok, so we know that sounds a little steep, but you then have access to a huge amount of data from Surfline, such as offering up details on current surf conditions.

Another good feature is its ability to sync with your iPhone, although Android support will follow later this year.

More details an be seen in the video below, or by heading to the Nixon website.



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