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Visualize You for iPhone, Android helps you lose weight

There’s a new social app on the market now, helping you to lose weight in a brand new way that you won’t have seen before. Visualise You for iPhone and Android can create a visualization of yourself at your target weight – simply by entering your vital statistics.

We all need that motivation to lose weight sometimes and this app looks to create that spark to help you on your way. Simply upload your photo into the app, enter your current weight and height, then your target weight.

The app will use its powerful tools to create an image of you at your target weight and you may be shocked with the results. Right now, there’s a Visualize You free version for iPhone and Android, but also a paid one for $1.99 if you don’t want to see Ads at the bottom of the app.


If you want to see how you would look with 20 pounds shaved off, this app can help you out. It’s free and it really works, so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

To see more details on how Visualize You works, you can head to the official website for further information. For those that have already downloaded Visualize You, leave us a comment below on your thoughts on the app – would you recommend it to others to try or not?



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