Mewtwo DLC code giveaway for Smash Bros Wii U, 3DS

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

At the start of the month, we told you that Mewtwo DLC codes for Super Smash Bros were being handed out in the middle of April, exclusively for those that owned a copy of both the Wii U and 3DS version.

Now, we are happy to confirm that the codes are now starting to roll out. We’ve had reports on social media that some Japanese players have already received their code and now Nintendo are in the process of sending the codes out to US and Europe.

Remember, you can get a free Mewtwo DLC code for Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U, but only if you own both copies of the game. If you only own one then you’ll have to pay $4 for it for the code on a platform of your choice.

If you haven’t registered your copy of the game with Nintendo and want to play as Mewtwo on both platforms – you’ll need to pay $5 instead.


Fortunately, generous Twitter users are on hand as usually and we can already see that some are planning to giveaway their Mewtwo DLC code for free as soon as it is sent.

If you don’t want to pay for the code and are hoping for a Mewtwo DLC giveaway or trade, the best option is to bookmark this page and keep your eyes open for any promotions.

Failing that, you can use our comment system to get some trades going, especially if you have some rare Pokemon for ORAS that you can giveaway in exchange for a Mewtwo code.

Remember to check your inbox, including Junk mail for those that are expecting a code this week. Let us know how you get on and if you are looking for a code right now.

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  • Kaden Moran

    Here is my gmail: please give me a dlc mewtwo code for Wii U

  • jhon

    here is my email i could really use a mew two or rye code please thank you so much

  • Pablo Chavez

    Is anyone still here

  • D’Avion Dow-Boyd

    ill trade arceus darkrai or rayquaza

  • D’Avion Dow-Boyd

    plz i need lucas or mewtwo. either one and ill be fine. email

  • Leslie D Sawyers

    I’d like one also if you have ryu that would be awesome

  • fireagentk
  • fireagentk

    anyone have a code for 3ds US

  • Joe Need mewtwo code for 3Ds. Willing to trade any legendary I have available, just ask and if u want shiny

  • Rian Froille Alde

    Any of you guys willing to give me one? Need 1 japanese
    offer: shiny competitive darkrai
    0147 1950 1202<—- fc

  • Mike Rich

    i could use one my email is

  • Dullaldsadas

    Whos got a code then for 3ds

    ? i can trade my pokemon either games of OR,AS, x and y email:-

  • KiteKite

    I’d appreciate this if I got it so if so thanks in advance email Thanks!

  • Stewie Griffin

    Hey please email me, my email is It would really be great and cool if you would give me the mewtwo code for 3ds. Thanks in advance.

  • Cesar Beard

    My email is ! Ill mean the world if you guy can give me this i’m only 17 and all i doo is play this game! I’ll give it soo much use😄 please guys i’ll be greatful for ever!!!! Xoxo

  • Bikutah

    Email is closecall45@gmail.Com if someone could hook me up it’d be much appreciated! Maybe we could smash it up as well! It’d be super fun!

  • Alex Corn

    My email is if possible I’d like a mewtwo doc code for the 3ds please

  • Jeffrey

    Did you get the code yet

  • Jeffrey

    Can I have a code for 3ds My email is password jazzo1220

  • Saul

    Anyone willing to give me a 3ds mewtwo code? I don’t know what shinies you want but I have quite a few random shiny Pokemon.

  • Trisha

    I will be willing to trade a Keldeo, Shiny Volcanian, or a Diancie for a Mewtwo download code on 3DS. Please email me and we can talk out the details.

  • Austin

    Can i please have a code? I really want this

  • Chris

    I Really lOVE MEWTWO!!!! EMAIL ME DA CODE!!!! email me

  • Can i please have a mewtwo code for 3ds

  • Daniel Braun

    Just ignore this

  • Isaac Fernandez

    I have a Wii U Smash Bros Code that I don’t have any use for, it’s not Australian. I’ll be willing to trade it for a 3DS game download code that is Australian? email me at

  • Isaac Fernandez

    Could anyone possibly send me a 3DS Mewtwo code that is Australian? It would be really appreciated! Or even any 3DS game download codes that are Australian? Please I would be really grateful! My email is

  • eero

    Mewtwo is my favorite pokemon. when I heard that that mewtwo is coming to smash I ran to my wii u and tried to get it but I didn’t find it so I came here. PLEASE give me that wii u code PLEASE! oh, and my email is

  • TheRandomOne

    OR if no one will just give it to me, I can trade Shiny Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre….
    Email me your friend code and the Download Code… and I will send you mine and once we are friends, I can send you them… Also they will be Level 100

  • TheRandomOne

    Can I get a 3DS Mewtwo DLC Code? I didn’t get notified in time and I would like to be able to get the DLC…
    Please send it, I would really appreciate it.

  • oliver flint rose

    hello may I please have a 3ds mewtwo code 🙂
    my email is

  • Aaron A

    I really really want Mewtwo. My email is

  • Israel Morton

    I can generate any shiny pokemon that anyone wants and will trade for a 3DS code

  • Jonathan Bertrand

    if anyone can send me 2 mewtwo codes for 3ds so me and my brother can both have one. that would be greatly appreciated. send at

  • Trippi Jaye

    I would love a mewtwo code my email is Please ^_^

  • redd eyezz

    anyone have a us 3ds mewtwo code please email me:

  • josh

    In need of new 2 msg me via thnxs😃

    • josh

      Ps. 3ds version, also I am up 4 battles msg me friend codes also.mine is 3282 2176 4272

      • Trippi Jaye


  • Kirshible

    Please donate a Mewtwo code for the Wii U. Email:

  • Israel Morton

    if anyone plays ORAS competitively and needs 6 IV ditto I can get some for a mewtwo download code preferably for the 3DS

  • Dalton

    For 3DS

  • Dalton

    Can anyone email me a code email

  • The Jake Gamer

    Can anyone email me a code please, will help so much!!! You can email me at Will help so much again. Thank you. Enjoy smashing!

  • Noah Friesen

    If there is any one willing to giveaway a Mewtwo Wii u download code for any pokemon in ORAS I can give you it. and I mean ANY pokemon.

    • Pablo Chavez

      I would trade you a Mewtwo smash bros code for 2 pokemon if your ok with but if you say no 1 pokemon and can that be hoopa,or volcanion just tell me my email friend code remember to give me your email and friend code. Noah friesen.

  • Rainbow Dash

    Is anybody willing enough to give me an Mewtwo code for the Nintendo 3DS I’d really appreciate it and I’d also be very grateful if you are please email me thanks if you do😋

  • Xacer

    Does anyone have an Australian 3DS code? I could trade a diancie or some other legendary in pokemon X,Y,AS,OR for it

  • Smashindunright

    I’m willing to give away my 3ds mewtwo code for a club nintendo game of my choice

    • Israel Morton

      are you willing to trade for a hoopa/volcanion

      • Pablo Chavez

        It’s ok u can just give me a shiny greninja or a shiny blastoise or both.

        • Israel Morton

          yes I will definitely do that just give me a couple minutes and we will trade

    • ali

      please give it to me 🙁 ireally need

  • Blake

    hey can somebody give me a mewtwo code for either 3ds or wii u? I’d really appreciate it either system is fine. Please, I really wanna play as mewtwo. you can email me at

  • Sanik

    Hi everyone! I was curious if somebody could be generous enough to give me a 3ds mewtwo code? Please… I’m desperate… you can email me

  • なる琴石

    Trading shiny Sylveon for 3ds mewtwo code. If interested email me at

  • Ryan

    Anyone have a Mewtwo 3DS code I may have, please? If there’s any extremely kind people out there who’d like to give one to me I’d be very grateful to receive it.