Jason, Predator release date for Mortal Kombat X

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2015

If you have already purchased the Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat X ahead of launch, you may have been expecting to find the new DLC characters in Mortal Kombat X on Day One.

In reality though, the Mortal Kombat X DLC characters such as Jason and Predator are not available yet as they’ll be coming at a later date.

As far as we’re aware, this wasn’t made completely obvious as many of you also thought that Jason would be available at launch.

Furthermore, there is no concrete Mortal Kombat X Jason or Predator release date yet, as Warner Bros nor NetherRealm have announced a release date for the Kombat Pack.


Having said that, there are some rumors online suggesting that the Jason release date for Mortal Kombat X is going to be April 26 and the Mortal Kombat X Predator release date scheduled for May 24again, not official though.

With many players having already purchased the Kombat Pack though, we have a feeling that it won’t be long until Jason arrives – we know that he will be the first character to arrive after launch with the Mortal Kombat X Ultimate Horror Pack.

Until then, we’ll have to hope that some Mortal Kombat X Jason gameplay arrives with the Premium Tower – allowing players to try the character out for free.

Are you in the same position where you have already bought the Kombat Pack and were expecting some new Mortal Kombat X DLC characters from Day One?

UPDATE: NetherRealm Studios has finally given us the information everyone is waiting to hear regarding Jason. Kombat Pack owners can get him on May 5, while those who don’t have the pack can purchase him a week later – stay tuned for a look at official Jason Mortal Kombat X gameplay on May 4!

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  • Holly Patterson

    Just want to confirm what year will Predator be released ? 2015? Or June 2016?

    • Terry

      2015 you dumbass lol

  • Vincent Oliveri

    I got that game and the pack from my XBOX ONE

  • Vincent Oliveri

    Excuse me I got the kombat back today to unlock Jason. Do I have to get another kombat pack for Predator and Tremor? and Do you guys know when Predator and Tremor come out?

    • Zeke Mata

      No the kombat pack comes with all of those characters. And no there is no official release date yet for predator or tremor..

      • Vincent Oliveri

        ohh okay

  • iSTillWet221

    You guys realize that there’s a pattern here. Jason was released on may 5th, Tanya was just released on June 3rd. They’re releasing the characters by month, and we’ll either get tremor or predator July 3rd – 6th?

    • Bausman567

      We will get predator on the 6th and Tanya was released on the 2nd

      • TrashMan

        6 th of what

        • nick1252

          First you have to run through or with the 6th to really understand where and when the 6th will be

        • TrashMan


    • Baus

      Each character is 5 weeks apart so predator will come out on the 7th of July and tremor will be on the 11th of August

  • Dommbuscus

    The Horror Pack (Jason And The Horror Skin Pack) Came Out May 5th For Kombat Pack (Not Sure For Normal Because I Just Pay Attention To KP) And Klassic Pack 1 (Tanya And The Klassic Skin Pack 1) Just Came Out 2 Days Ago. I’m Not Sure About This, But We May See Predator Around Late June Or Early July.

    • Dommbuscus

      That Is To Say, If My Guess Is Correct, The Pattern Will Be Horror, Klassic, Horror, Klassic.

  • Jordan

    Since the very beginning the DLC has been set to be:
    Horror – Jason
    Kombat – Tanya
    Hunter – Predator
    Kombat – Tremor

    One month at a time

  • kody

    its suppose to be 26 april 24 may 1 june 14 june Jason 26 april predator may 24 Tanya 1 june tremor 14 june

  • kody

    but then they still had to work on him

  • kody

    Jason was suppose to come out on april 26

  • kody

    guys I think that you know how Jason was suppose to be released on april 26 and was released on may 5 for kombat pack owners well I think predator is released on june 2 cause 9 days after april 26 was may 5 I think that all tremor predator and Tanya are released 9 days after there first release date so tremor is coming probably on june 23 and Tanya june 10

    • Jeff Nguyen

      No, Jason was suppose to be released on May 5th & May 12th for the rest of the community.
      Tanya is being released on June 2nd, a week later for everybody else who did not get the Kombat Pack June 9th to be exact.
      Stop fooling yourself, obviously you really want Predator but there’s no use on talking to yourself into a belief of it being released on certain dates.
      It’s only one character per month, so if Predator isn’t released during July.
      You’ll have to wait till August.

  • Jeff Nguyen

    Okay, I’m getting tried of the lies.
    Jason Vorhees was released on May 5th for Kombat Pack members, a week later for everyone else.
    Tonya will be released on very early June, June 2nd as a rumor.. June 9th for everyone else who did not get the Kombat Pack, so either Tremor or Predator is next, if it’s Tremor.. Then you must wait till August to play as Predator.

  • MKX Devoloper

    Predator is set to be released May 4th but due to bugs and bug fixes that needed to be made predator will be released Monday may 26th.

    • Jane

      Today is Monday may 25th. Is he coming today. Or tomorrow may 26 th? I’m so confused. 😔

      • Jeff Nguyen

        He or she is lying, this account is obviously false.
        He or she was just being an attention whore, anyways.. Jason has already been released, & Tonya will be released around June 2nd but that’s just a rumor for now but we do know it will be very early June.
        & If Tremor comes next, we unfortunately may have to wait till August to play as Predator.

        • Jane

          Thanks a ton for the info! ☺️

        • Jeff Nguyen

          Update: it’s confirmed that Tanya will be released on June 2nd, for Kombat Pack Owners.
          For the rest of the community June 9th, a week later as always.

    • mikey t

      It’s past that date, where dey at doe?

  • Nightshade, Killer of Kings

    So when is Predator actually coming out?

    • Jane

      Probably tomorrow according to the one site I was able to find recognizing he didn’t come out on 5/24 like he was suppose to. But I’m not holding my breath.

      • Nightshade, Killer of Kings

        There it goes again. Not coming out today, still.

        • Jane

          Yeah. My hubby read somewhere that now Predator and tremor are going to be on the last dlc/update. Tanya will be first in early June around the 5th. We’re not happy in the slightest. 😒

        • Nightshade, Killer of Kings

          Nor am i.

  • Hunter

    Is it just or is he making people wait way to long, especially Kombat pack buyer…

  • Slayer-LV

    Ok new update about the DLC this news was by Sony still can be change by the
    creator of Mortal Kombat X
    For Kombat Pack DLC only
    Release Dates:
    May 5
    Jason Voorhees
    After 2 pm Pacific Time do to updating PlayStation store
    May 10
    After 2 pm Pacific Time do to updating PlayStation store
    May 24
    After 2 pm Pacific Time do to updating PlayStation store
    June 7
    After 2 pm Pacific Time do to updating PlayStation store
    Anyone that did not get the DLC Kombat Pack will have to wait a week from each
    above dates

    • The_master1123

      lol wrong

  • Slayer-LV

    Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack

    Release Dates: Name: When:
    May 5 Jason Voorhees After 2 pm Pacific Time
    May 10 Tremor Unknown at this time
    May 24 Predator Unknown at this time
    June 7 Tonya Unknown at this time

    • The_master1123


  • Vorbees

    thanks for the update! Didn’t think we would need to wait so long, but at least we now have a solid date! Can’t wait for May 5.

  • Josh Desmond

    Its all going to be pay to play soon. video games industry will run itself into the ground like movies and music.

    • lolnope

      Movies are doing awesome music I definitely lacking though.

    • Dan

      How are the movies and music industries “into the ground?”

  • Cipher Diego

    OMG, may 24th for Pred? Will we be able to play as Tanya or Tremor this year?


      we will play as tremor and tanya before predator

      • The_master1123

        Yep. The dates in first post are wrong. It more likely to be one DLC a month.

  • Serj

    Hmmm… I didn’t realize anyone thought it would be available day one.

    They are just following the same model as their last two games. Releasing 4 characters over a spread out time period. If they did have them all available day one, like Goro, then a lot more people would be very upset to pay that much more for character ready on day one… When it should have been included for free.

    Like most any DLC add-ons, these characters are being developed outside the base game development cycle. So they will be spread out as some/most are still being created or finalized. Plus this helps the game stay fresh and in public eyes longer to keep interest up and steady new content available.

  • Syn

    they said it it was in a article prior to release that jason would be the first character released on the kombat pack then he would be followed by 3 others, they also did a promo video for it

  • Be Logical

    The video game industry is really fxxking with people these days..

    • NihasaAzazeL


    • longjohn_silver

      True why announce it then have us wait a whole month it’s clearly looks like a scam where everybody pre orerd and buys the kombat pack so the #s look good smh if it wasn’t ready then the release date should’ve been on hold

      • Joseph Ruel Cristini

        It states EARLY ACCESS when the fux it gonna be early

        • kombat pack owners have him 7 days before he’s attainable by himself in a single purchase.

          Whew, that was difficult!

  • Billy Goins

    My question at this point is if the statement about the Kombat pack states we receive early access does that mean we will have them available prior to when other people can buy them? If so that is good at least but in the end it still should have been stated clearer…

  • jay

    yeah, i was kinda pissed off to be honest.. Whole reason I bought the kombat pack was because I wanted to play as predator and tremor asap. If they were just releasing them at a later date I could have just bought them then. Not saying it’s a rip off, but they definitely didn’t do it right

  • g_hashi

    I think it was very misleading and some what intentional. Spent way too much money for the Kollector’s Edition only to get home with the game and a statue. I feel everyone that spent the money anticipating DLC upon launch, should be entitled to additional content free of charge. Anyone else she’ll out $160+ to play the game and look at a statue??

    • Elvin

      I got the limited edition one that was $100 because I wanted to play as Jason (who I thought came out right then and there) I also got another controller $60 so I could play with my wife and brother in law. I don’t mind spending the extra money for the extra content but it should be clear when the characters are coming out so that I could spend that extra 30-40 on something else at the time and get the characters later.


        It was clear. They stated it and they even did a promo on it. In the livestreams they said the dlc characters were not really. This is how most season passes work.

        • Rick

          Shouldn’t it be clear on the purchase screen? Everyone doesn’t follow the livestreams or promos. If something is available to be purchased and has no indication that the content won’t be immediately available on the purchase screen, that’s definitely misleading.

    • zeus

      I did

    • j

      no, I bought it all for 35 on cdkeys.com lol


      I kinda spent the $160, opened up the box, took the codes amd returned the box to walmart…unsealed. so yea, if you’re slick enough, you’re entitled to the additional content free of charge!

  • Jackson12

    I was looking up how to acces them lol then I found this!!

  • Billy Goins

    Yeah, I completely expected the DLC characters to be available right away. It does say that purchasing the Kombat Pack allows early access to the playable characters. This hinted to me that these characters would be available to those who purchased the special edition prior to any “regular” release. The game is absolutely awesome and I am happy I purchased it, but I do feel as if the information given was misleading. This is another example of how game producers seem to be twisting words to optimize their release sales. It seems to be a growing epidemic recently. I say this because of my experience with the “Day One” version of FF Class Zero and the “exclusive” demo for FFXV that apparently people are still able to obtain a month after the release date… It’s frustrating to be a consumer who is willing to dish out funds prior to release in an attempt to support these games and show some loyalty to the creators whom we appreciate. Unfortunately that loyalty does not seem to be reciprocated.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      I agree it was misleading however I guess it lends more credence to the devs saying these characters are not day 1 content but content they are co thinking to work on after the games release.
      Like I read tons of articles about people crying why mortal kombat x doesn’t just add I. All the characters from the story mode to the game since they are already completed and I don’t think those people realse just because a few story. Ode characters have an outfit and Maybe two of those story mode characters show a couple special moves doesn’t mean those characters have the 3 seperate stances and balanced coding completed for a general release.
      However it’s awesome to see that mortal kombat x should at least have the option to add at least 10+ more characters just on completed animations.
      Bo rai cho

      • Billy Goins

        Yeah it is awesome how much potential this game has. I do understand the delay I just wish it had been made more clear. I watched tons of videos as well prior to release and never once recall them mentioning a later release date for those 4 DLC characters. Then again I was amazed at how awesome the game looked lol.

        • Jae Smith

          Ur another clown thinkn dlc supposed to drop same day as the game..wtf is ur gamer tag u on Psn??? So I can whoop yo whining ass in mkx an ustream ur ass whoopin


          They DID mention it.