List of Mortal Kombat X fatalities for all characters

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2015

Hours ago we gave you a heads-up on how you could find some move lists for Mortal Kombat X. Now, it gets better as we now have a showcase of all Mortal Kombat X fatalities in the game.

Mortal Kombat X is now available for the masses and the early reviews suggest it is a game that you should all be buying this week if you love fighting games as a genre.

For those that want to see some of the character’s second fatalities in the game, we now present a 15-minute video in full HD quality showing all of the action in its most brutal form.


Characters such as Scorpion, Cassie Cage, Jax and Johnny Cage have some crazy second fatalities that we’ve never seen before – while Mileena’s second fatality is just downright nasty full stop.

Both of Erron Black’s fatalities are also shown and we think you’ll love the second one from the new character. You can check out the full video below in its entirety – remember to select full HD quality and 60FPS if you can support it.

Out of the entire list, which one is the best Mortal Kombat X fatality in your opinion so far?

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