GTA V PC video editor will make console owners jealous

We knew that GTA V on PC would be well worth the wait, but now Rockstar has given another reason why PC owners will be getting the best deal. If you haven’t seen the GTA V video editor in action yet, wait until you see the first amateur footage using the powerful video editing tools.

Simply put, PC owners are going to have a lot of fun with this. To give you an idea of the possibilities available with the tools, Rockstar has shared a video which is all about the beauty of Trevor’s running ability.

Reminiscent of Tom Hanks in Forest Gump, the video is a great watch and looks amazing in terms of graphics. PC owners will be able to customise their clips, slow them down and apply subtle touches such as individual text for each clip and assign different music to different scenes.


We are starting to realise why the PC version of the game took so long to materialise and we think there can be no complaints with the final product once PC users get to grips with it.

Remember, we haven’t even got started on GTA V mods yet – just wait until the community gets to work on mods for the game, it’s going to be a never-ending adventure.

We’d even go as far to say that GTA V on PC will have enough content to keep users busy until GTA 6 arrives. Check out the video editor below and if you are a console owner – let us know if you are jealous or not.



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