GTA V PC on max settings will make you drool

Many PC owners can only dream of running GTA V on PC with max settings, as to do so you need a very expensive setup with only the best graphics cards.

To give you an idea of what you are missing though, we can already bring you some gameplay showing the game running at full capacity.

As expected, it looks absolutely beautiful as well. If you were impressed with the video editor footage that we showed you earlier, you are going to love this too.


The environment when either running on foot or driving looks incredible and Rockstar were really not hyping up the PC version for nothing.

We think most of you will agree when you see the footage below, that the PC version was well worth the wait and don’t forget it can only get better with further updates and graphical modifications.

The question is: What setup are you running the game on at the moment – can you manage max settings for GTA V or not?



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