Further Xbox One price cut in UK adds to Sony pressure

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2015

If you still haven’t picked up an Xbox One console and were waiting for another price cut, Microsoft has some good news for you. We can see that new Xbox One price cuts in UK are now in effect, bringing the console down to under £300.

Remember, the Xbox One originially launched at £429 (with Kinect) before recently being reduced to £329 towards the end of last year. Now, Microsoft has slashed the retail price to £299 and we can see that some retailers are even offering lower than this to get your money.

Amazon UK for example are offering the console for £285.95, with their deal coming with £10 off the price of a new Xbox One game.

There’s other deals flying around at the moment though from different retailers. GAME are offering a console with Forza 5 for £299, while GameStop UK are offering a great price for the console at just £279.97the lowest we’ve seen so far.


Meanwhile, Sony are yet to drop the price of the console in the UK. It remains at £329 officially, although GameStop UK are offering the Glacier White console for £289 now whilst stocks last – a great price.

The question is, will Sony be any feeling pressure after seeing Microsoft introduce all of these price cuts for the Xbox One? Or do they see it as a victory considering that their price remains the same since launch, but continues to sell well?

Let us know your thoughts on the new Xbox One price shift and if you are tempted to buy. For those that have a PS4 at the moment, are any of you planning to move over to Xbox One at this new price or not?

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  • minhin

    No pressure on Sony because of Xbox price cut. Sony will keep milking the sales and power of the consoles. Exclusive will be king in Sony because only thru PS you can play God of War etc. No, I am not interested toward re-purchase all my games to PS4. I hate to debate which console version to get when it comes to buying games.

    On the other hand, MS have been known be diverse in their product and successful too. Examples will be phone, PC (gaming, productivity, and entertainment), console and may be others that’s I can’t categorized. MS as software developers company is quite powerful IMO. Tools such as DX12, Visual Studio. Hardware is nothing without software.

    Sony exclusive is good to a point but if MS get the universal apps / games in the right direction, I am interested who will come out victorious