Pre-load time excitement for Mortal Kombat X fans

We are almost ready for the launch of Mortal Kombat X, with the game going live on Tuesday. The most pressing matter now though is the pre-load time for Mortal Kombat X as we can see that some of you are already starting to download those files early.

On PS4 at least, we can tell you that the Mortal Kombat X preload size is well over 30GB. The game is also split into several different update files as well – including the MKX Day One update which we told you about separately last week.

We are seeing a 33GB install file on our PS4 system, which surprisingly is downloading very quick considering we are just one day before launch and thousands of users will be preloading the same files right now.


While our Mortal Kombat X preload time in US went live just after 1am EST, we’re not 100% sure on whether the preload has rolled out to other regions yet.

We know that some gamers in Australia are yet to see the download available, while we’ve also had a few messages from our UK readers who say that the preload isn’t live for them either.

If you have Mortal Kombat X on pre-order on any platform, let us know your status at the moment with regards to the preload. Are you downloading the files right now or are you still waiting?



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