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Apple refreshes Beats Solo2 headphone color options

While we await news on when Apple is to release the Beats Solo3 headphones we will have to make do with a little refresh of the Beats Solo2 headphone color options instead. Ok, so this is not the news you would have liked, although having a few new colors to choose from is still good news, as this model is still a very capable audio device.

Some Apple fans will appreciate the new hue options because they are not as ostentatious as you would normally associate with Beats. This is because Apple is now offering the Solo2 headphones in iPhone 6 colors.

Apple refreshes Beats Solo2 headphones

As you can see on the Apple product page you have three new color options, and these are silver, space grey and gold, and you will also notice that they have been finished with a matte effect rather than glossy.

It’s certainly nice to see these colors more subdued than other Beats headphones, and will appeal to more than just young people looking to be cool while listening to their music while out and about.

We personally feel as though they make the Beats Solo2 look more like a premium set of headphones rather than gimmicky, as Beats have been accused of in the past. Do you like these new color options, and if so are there any other colors you would like to see added?



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