3DS reaction to Monster Hunter Stories art style

It’s a great time to be a 3DS owner now, as Nintendo and Capcom have just announced that they are bringing even more Monster Hunter love for JPRG fans.

Now, Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS is on the way, a spin-off game that will provide a brand new art-style. It looks like Capcom are going down the ‘cartoon’ style of RPG, meaning that they may be looking to pull in a younger target audience this time around.

The Monster Hunter Stories 3DS release date is set for sometime in 2016, but you may be surprised to find out that the game has actually been in development for five years.


That means that this game was secretly in development at the same time as Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate which may shock some of you.

As usual, the game will be marketed towards release in Japan next year, but we wouldn’t be surprised with the art-style if Capcom are thinking that this could be their new ticket to success in the west.

The question is: Do you like this new art-style of Monster Hunter Stories or do you prefer the old one? Remember, it’s a spin-off title in the series so it’s refreshing to see Capcom trying something bold for once – shame they couldn’t do that with Breath of Fire 6 on home consoles instead of mobile.



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