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Start playing GTA V PC in UK, US at this time

You can start playing Grand Theft Auto V on PC at midnight on April 14 in the UK, or 7pm EST and 4pm PST in the United States on April 13, 2015. This news comes following the pre-load release time for GTA V PC earlier this week, although these users cannot play until the game is unlocked on its release date in 3 days.

No matter if you pre-loaded the digital version of GTA V on PC, or purchased a physical copy in-store, you will still need to wait until the game goes live for all, according to the Rockstar blog.

Start playing GTA V PC at this time

The GTA V PC release time is the same for both UK and US, so everyone will get into GTA Online at exactly the same time around the world. The quickest way to play will certainly be by pre-loading the game, so you can get online the moment everything unlocks.

To find out exactly what the minimum recommended specs are, take a look at this article and make sure your rig is ready to play next week.



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