Zombies glitch fix for next Advanced Warfare update in April?

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 12, 2015

The next Call of Duty Advanced Warfare update will be version 1.16 on PS4 and a slightly different number on Xbox One, but both of the new generation consoles need a COD patch to fix certain invincibility glitches in Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies. Topping our list of bug fixes is the sewer invincibility glitch.

This is especially true with the new Advanced Warfare Infection zombies map that has a couple of locations where you cannot be killed, even by the zombie boss that arrives every so many rounds.

One invincibility location we tried for ourselves was in the Infection map sewers (seen in the video below). You just head inside a certain tunnel and crouch at the edge, which stops any zombies from killing you to make players completely invincible.


We have seen the Infection sewer invincibility glitch stop working on occasion in COD Advanced Warfare, although it hasn’t been fixed by a server-side hotfix and still works at the time of writing. While it’s great fun to be unstoppable, at the same time it ruins the game when others do this online and makes playing zombies pointless.

What glitches have you found in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and especially within the zombies Infection map? Let us know any invincibility glitches you have found along with other glitches, and if you feel these should be patched in the next Advanced Warfare update to improve player experience.

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  • Mike

    I want this glitch fixed ASAP, as when I play online games and players use it the game is stupid and no point playing.

    • bill

      The point of zombies is to make it as far as possible. .. so if the glitch helps whos it hurting ? We all paid are money for the game we all play differently so whats it to you.. most likely you camp online play and i absolutely hate campers does that mean i should harass those players or have them make where if you dont move after 3 seconds you die ? Absolutely not .. why ? Again we all paid our money.. so imo stfu and gtf over it … #crylikeabitch