Xur’s new items for April 10 with surprise

After keeping you updated with our Destiny Xur location April 10 discussion thread, the time has now come to step back into the tower as Xur is live with a another set of new items.

We now have a heads-up for you, letting you know first what items Xur is selling for April 10 and where he is in the tower compared to last week.

Xur has only just spawned a few minutes ago and we can confirm that he’s now by the Hangar area. Xur is selling the Suros Regime as the main exotic this week, so if you don’t have it already – now’s the time to drop those strange coins as he’ll be gone on Sunday.


Other notable items include The Armamentarium and the Starfire Protocol. Last week we had the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher, so it’s nice to see a contrasting weapon this week.

We’ve got a video for you below which confirms Xur’s full inventory for April 10 – check it out and as always give us your weekend on what Xur is selling this week.

Are you happy with the selection, or are you disappointed? During the week we spoke about the need to see the Suros Regime and now it looks like the RNG Gods answered our prayers – amazing.

Suros Regime is one of the best weapons in Destiny so make sure you buy it if you don’t have it.



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