PS4 update 2.51 rumored for problem fixes

Sony may be looking to release a quickfire PS4 2.51 update, with rumors suggesting that some bugs have been found which need attention from Sony.

We haven’t spotted anything ourselves out of the ordinary, but one reputable leaker has told everyone to expect another new PS4 update in the near future.

That leaker is Tidux who has been proven correct numerous times in the past on new firmware updates that Sony are plotting – weeks in advance.

He’s left a few clues on his Twitter to say that there’s a problem in 2.50 and that Sony are going to be releasing an update to fix it.


Given that this will be a minor change, we are assuming that the next PS4 update will be version 2.51 rather than a jump up to a higher number to coincide with new features arriving.

Again we could be wrong on this, but for now let’s assume that PS4 2.51 is the next update to land. Have you personally spotted any problems with the PS4 2.50 update that you would like Sony to fix?

Don’t forget to read through some missing PS4 features, which we’re hoping will come with the next major PS4 update this year – we’re looking at DLNA for sure.

Let us know what you want to see on your console after the fantastic 2.50 update.



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