New Chrome products expected during live stream

Google has announced the date of its Chrome Live event, which will be on April 22 and will start at 10am PDT. It’s clear to see there will be a focus on new Chrome products, and so will be interesting to see what is planned.

Having said that, we already have a rundown of the Google Chrome Live event, such as the speakers, and what they will be discussing. There are to be two keynote speakers, and those are Amit Singh and Rajen Sheth.

Chrome Live 2015

While it will be interesting to know what it is they will be talking about in terms of what Chrome has to offer for the future, we would like to know more about those new Chrome products, although we will have to wait another 12 days for that.

We already have a good idea of what to expect, as the description of the event highlights three things, and those are Chrome browser, Chromeboxes and Chromebooks.

If you are interested in attending the event, then you can register your interest in the long below. However, for those that do not attend, the event is still open for all, as there is to be a live stream.

You can already start to add your voice here, which begins with #chromelive15.



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