Mortal Kombat X Android release date frustration

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2015

The console version of MKX may not be due out until next week, but we can confirm that Mortal Kombat X for iPhone and iPad is now live. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Android users as there is going to be a wait for those looking for the Mortal Kombat X Android release date.

Right now there isn’t an exact date on when we can expect to see the Mortal Kombat X Android download in the Google Play Store. NetherRealm Studios are only saying that the game is coming ‘soon’, so we can only presume that it’s still being worked on.

Or they are waiting to see how the iPhone version performs first – but we doubt that as it looks like the Android version is ready to launch judging by the gameplay below.


If you haven’t seen the Android version in action, we’ve got some great gameplay for you which shows you the differences compared to the console version – i.e, the swipe gestures that you’ll need to make on mobile for combos and fatalities.

The graphics are still looking amazing for a mobile title and we just hope that there’s plenty of content to keep mobile users busy – don’t forget that you can unlock costumes for Jax and Johnny Cage in the console version, by playing mobile so it’s well worth it.

Android users, are you frustrated that iPhone owners can play Mortal Kombat X before you? We see it all the time with big games getting released on iOS first – does it bother you, or are you happy to wait?

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  • I just wanna play the app to get the dlc costumes then i’m deleting it…..

  • Nao

    Hey, All you guys SHUT UP!!!!! lol, We’re the ones taking the bugs for you!!!!! This game Crashes so much and the only thing you guys are missing out is on the tower mode.

    • Varun

      Agreed man. It crashes a lot, and nothing except the tower mode is available to play. Probably when the android version releases, that’s when we get the raiden challenges at least.

  • wolf-niner-echo

    It is slightly annoying that Apple get it first. Was ment to be out for android on friday but still no sign which is even more annoying. Hate it when a date is said and it don’t happen. Same with resident evil revelations 2 update for xbox 1 (still waiting 2 weeks later)

  • frabn

    I’m not the least bit surprised about this. Apple usually always nails “first release” exclusivity. For example, Android users (like myself) who were looking forward to utilizing “HBO NOW” to legally watch Game of Thrones this season are now screwed, because Apple nailed a 90 day exclusivity contract with HBO to be the primary carrier for HBO Now. That means it is not available on ANY other platform other than a PC.

    It was a bonehead move by HBO who is about 6 years late to the standalone service game, which is why people still bootleg GoT rather than pay HBO for their garbage subscription. They alienated a tremendous portion of the potential user base. And seriously…in this day and age, NOT releasing the app on PS4 or XBox? Dumb.

    So back to the subject at hand – Apple usually always gets first dibs. It was 7 MONTHS before the injustice app came to android (November 2013), and by the time it hit most people were already sick of the regular console game so the tie-in content was irrelevant. They claim that this time the discrepancy in release dates won’t be as dramatic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t even see the Android version until after the console game releases…at which point, frankly I don’t give a damn about the mobile game when I have the PS4 version, other than the unlockable items which I can wait for if necessary.

  • Trevor McCain

    I would complain this is bs, being on android and all.

    But I’m on ps3, so I’m waiting till summer anyways. Idk why Netherrealm doesn’t love me anymore, but I’m sorry Boon. I didn’t mean to do whatever I did.

    • frabn

      You’re probably joking, but the PS3/XBox360 delay has less to do with Netherrealm Studios than it seems. Of course the priority was to develop for the current gen systems, which is what it should be. But the previous gen conversion and porting is being handled by an outside vendor, and they have a lot of work ahead of them.

  • kintaro


  • Jon Garcia

    Unfortunately for Android users, IOS software in theory is more stable and has less bugs. So it would be easier to release on IOS first, because there’s less to go wrong. Android on the other hand is a full power PC in your hand so it can do a lot more, in terms of software. I do agree though IOS is coming to be a mediocre device anyways, so why would they get games first? Oh that’s right because IPhone is more of a game station than it is a phone.

    • Jon Garcia

      Sony Xperia Play anyone? We have seen how long that lasted.

    • dave

      Get over yourself hun, android is generic software for poor ppl who can’t afford an iphone or an ipad. Deal with it.

      • Frank

        Do you have to get sheared every once in a while?

        I only ask because you sound like a typical Apple sheep.

        Sorry Android doesn’t come out with a new $500 phone every 9 months. Unfortunately people like to be different instead of being locked in with Apple software/hardware.

      • ivory_soul

        You sound extremely ignorant. How is Android “generic software”? It’s open source unlike iOS so developers have more control over how their software interacts with your phone. Android phones can be just as expensive as iPhones like the Note 4 or Galaxy S6 which cost about $650 a piece full retail price. Do your research before you start spewing BS all over the internet.

      • frabn

        Wow…you snobby Apple elitists are such tools. You go ahead and pay all that money for a brand name attached to a poorly manufactured device using cheap parts in a Chinese slave labor facility that’s so delicate it will fail sooner than any other device you own. We “poor people” who choose androids or other devices will continue on with our daily usage.

        • Joseph Nungesser

          I’m not poor. I have an LG G3 and I had the choice over an IPhone 6 plus; I chose the LG because it has a 4K screen and android is more customizable (IOS got pretty dull to me)

      • dan

        Your a joke dude as if you think android is for “poor people” you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that if it doesn’t have a white apple on it its garbage my nexus 5 runs faster and arguably better than an iPhone 5 ever will

        • Coolj111

          You are very correct dan

      • Disqus_deez

        Apple is years behind on their technology and it’s still inferior to top tier android devices.

      • Spencer

        Correction what do you mean poor people because most of us that are middle class can afford it.

  • Waiting for GTA on PC has made me a patient man. I’m a windows phone man btw.

  • Adam Smith

    Since you asked, hell yes it bothers me, I’m sick of seeing games released on iPhones first. It’s like we’re inferior to them. It’s really annoying and insulting. Can’t understand why they can’t release at the same time.

    • Jordan

      Why pointlessly wait on one platform if another isn’t ready?
      Android gets games and apps before iOS does so its not like Android is always last. Besides who cares. Its a mobile game that we’ll play for a month or so then delete or end up ignoring once we see how it’s not even that good and revert back to Clash of Clans, candy crush and that God forsaken Angry Birds…
      The iOS build was ready, the Android one was not. I’d rather a working game than buggy one.
      If they’d released GTA V at the same time on PC as on Console either PC would be barely functional or no one would have had it yet…

      • Adam Smith

        To be fair! One more week is nothing, and it doesn’t upset half the mobile population. Also I play for games way longer than 1 month, and I never even play those games you mentioned anyway. GTA is a different thing. I believe it was designed for console, then ported after the sales and money came. The Android version being a few days ago means they had the money to spend on building the game to begin with. This is a bad judgement call by the publishers. Who cares, all Androiders.

      • ali

        Nobody actually wants to play the mobile game but you can unlock stuff for the console as you play on the mobile. We just want the same head start that iOS users are getting.

        • Trevor McCain

          Speak for yourself. I’m waiting till summer. I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. Especially since MK9 is hard to go back to after Injustice.

    • frabn

      For apps that are slated to release on both iPhone and Android, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Apple will ALWAYS get it first. That’s usually because they pay more money for temporary exclusivity deals. it’s unfortunate but ultimately foolish – from what I understand more people are starting to migrate to Android devices overall, so there’s a notable swing in apps being created exclusively for android. Android is backed by Google Play which is more tempting to people who like games since it’s more conducive to typical gamer needs (achievements, unlockable content, etc). It also means their apps are usually cross-platform compatible with PCs and some non-android devices, whereas the irritating apple exclusivity terms and conditions means that an app developed for an apple product will almost NEVER go anywhere else.

      Companies will eventually wise up and start being android-focused, but Apple always teases more money, more benefits and perks to companies for developing apps for their products first.