HBO available for Sling TV on Xbox One

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 9, 2015

We heard the Sling TV app would release on Xbox One with an ever increasing channel list at the start of last month. Not only did Sling TV go live on Xbox One within the last month, but today we can confirm you can watch HBO TV content through Sling TV on Xbox One as well.

This is just what fans of Dish network’s new Internet TV service wanted to hear, especially considering the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere is also included in the content available through Sling TV with HBO. If you own an Xbox One and love Game of Thrones, then you might want to download the app before this weekend.

HBO available for Sling TV on Xbox One

The Sling TV subscription will set you back $20 a month and of course HBO subscriptions also cost $15 a month. The good news about Sling TV, is the fact you won’t need a cable subscription unlike the original HBO app on Xbox One. Also, you can now have 3 streams at the same time when using Sling TV and HBO, which is an upgrade to what Sling normally offers when streaming through their service.

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  • Jordie Rivers

    I have not been able to connect to Sling TV for a week. All it does it does is buffer. Customer service has a very limited script that they use for problem solving. None of their suggestions work. I want a refund. but no one at Sling Tv responds to my request. DISH runs this mess. DISH is as bad as Comcast. DO not throw your money away on this garbage.