FIFA 15, web app down for April 9 maintenance

If you are having problems connecting to FIFA 15 and FUT online today, then this is due to the service going down for maintenance until 11AM UK time. The official EA Sports Twitter page for this game revealed the planned outage within the last 2 hours, as such you will find FIFA 15 is down on April 9 for 4 hours.

The FIFA online (FUT) maintenance times are set today from 11pm to 3am PT, or 7am to 11am in the UK. We have included the image shared with the status update on Twitter, which also included a link to an EA blog post detailing “FIFA Online maintenance and downtime for April 8”.


This scheduled maintenance will not only cover the latest FIFA 15 game, but also FIFA 13 and 14 as well. During the downtime you will find online features not working that include Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile, the web app, and the EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC). It is also worth noting that this downtime is approximate, so there’s always a chance of further issues and an extended outage.

Did you plan to play today and got surprised by FIFA 15 and other related services going down? If the maintenance runs into unplanned problems and receives an extension, we will update this article with further information.



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