Bajaj RE60 car debate could confuse insurance companies

The Bajaj RE60 vehicle looks set to hit the Indian market in June with an expected price of Rs 1.25 L – 1.35 L. However, what we find very interesting is what insurance companies will charge owners, especially as some of them could debate whether this is actually a car or not.

You might think we are losing our mind because you can clearly see the Bajaj RE60 is a car, but Mr Bajaj is the one causing such a debate after saying he does not class this vehicle as a car, but rather a step-up from a 3-wheeler.

He has been telling people that he is anti-car and so has no reason to class this new model as one. It is for this very reason why the target audience for this vehicle will be people of Bangladesh that would usually ride around on Bajaj 3-wheelers.

Bajaj RE60 car launch

It’s things like this that will make life difficult for insurance companies, because while they may look at the Bajaj RE60 and believe it to be a car in everyway, what happens when owners complain that the owner of the Bajaj Company says otherwise?

It will certainly be interesting to see if insurance companies will have to take this into consideration and maybe change their perception as to what to class this vehicle as – although we would not hold our breath.



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