Xur desperation for Suros Regime

After offering some really nice weapons in recent weeks, Xur was back to his old random self by selling the Dragon’s Breath exotic rocket launcher in last week’s visit.

Now, we look ahead to Xur’s location for April 10 in Destiny, as he is going to be back in the Tower and hopefully offer something a lot better than the Dragon’s Breath.

Don’t get us wrong, the Dragon’s Breath is a very solid rocket launcher. However,when Xur offers it 4 times in short succession it’s a bit overkill in our opinion – especially when there’s so many other exotic exotics out there!


There’s no doubt that many players are looking for the Suros Regime to turn up again. We haven’t seen it since last year and it has so far proved to be a very rare drop in normal grinding situations.

We have definitely seen Xur with the Suros Regime before for 23 strange coins though, so let’s hope that Xur’s items for April 10 will include it – it’s definitely worth paying up for, that’s for sure.

Remember that the times will be one hour later than what you are used to seeing due to Daylight Savings Time. Xur’s spawn time in the tower will be 10am for UK players, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time on Friday April 10.

Tell us if you agree that the Suros Regime is the last exotic on your wanted list and your predictions on what else Xur should sell on Friday.

UPDATE: Xur is live guys in the Hangar and would you believe it, he has the SUROS REGIME! Pretty crazy how the RNG system rolls, don’t you think? Give us your reaction below. Video of full inventory here.



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