Xur desperation for Suros Regime

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2015

After offering some really nice weapons in recent weeks, Xur was back to his old random self by selling the Dragon’s Breath exotic rocket launcher in last week’s visit.

Now, we look ahead to Xur’s location for April 10 in Destiny, as he is going to be back in the Tower and hopefully offer something a lot better than the Dragon’s Breath.

Don’t get us wrong, the Dragon’s Breath is a very solid rocket launcher. However,when Xur offers it 4 times in short succession it’s a bit overkill in our opinion – especially when there’s so many other exotic exotics out there!


There’s no doubt that many players are looking for the Suros Regime to turn up again. We haven’t seen it since last year and it has so far proved to be a very rare drop in normal grinding situations.

We have definitely seen Xur with the Suros Regime before for 23 strange coins though, so let’s hope that Xur’s items for April 10 will include it – it’s definitely worth paying up for, that’s for sure.

Remember that the times will be one hour later than what you are used to seeing due to Daylight Savings Time. Xur’s spawn time in the tower will be 10am for UK players, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time on Friday April 10.

Tell us if you agree that the Suros Regime is the last exotic on your wanted list and your predictions on what else Xur should sell on Friday.

UPDATE: Xur is live guys in the Hangar and would you believe it, he has the SUROS REGIME! Pretty crazy how the RNG system rolls, don’t you think? Give us your reaction below. Video of full inventory here.

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  • chris tardell

    Well I have patience n time so I’m good. don’t really like auto rifle is suros worth it

  • chris tardell


    • NavyPop

      Ice Breaker has been sold at least three times in the past two months.

  • james f

    Its already been said that the gally will not be sold by xur as its that unique u have to be patient and wait your turn

    • Justin Kyle Blevins

      Who said that?

      • NavyPop

        James imagination.

        • TheRoguehorn

          No, Bungie developers have actually been quoted as saying that the GHorn will not be sold by Xur. Mainly, they described it as a game breaker that was only designed with the intent for use on hard raid bosses. It was mentioned by the bungie designer that by giving everyone a GHorn, it would detract from its uniqueness and it’s original intent. I don’t remember exactly what thread I saw this on, but it was a developer responding to the question of if/when Xur will sell it. This was in Bungie’s forums

        • TheRoguehorn

          And Yes, I know it was sold once before, and the developer said that it was not something that would happen again. They may go back on this, or it may have been a lie. However, the developer I mentioned was a trusted source. This was their stance maybe 3 months ago. Who knows, it might change.

  • Mark Young

    where is he

    • aqueel siddique

      On the right, where all the ships land.

      • Mark Young


  • Justin Kyle Blevins

    Nope, though it’s a great gun. (auto rifle that can have stability maxed out) I’m still on the jellyhorn band wagon. It’s the only exotic weapon I’m missing and he’s sold it once, just once. Tired of hearing about my buds having to breakdown 4 cause they’ve gotten it so many times. Been playing since day 1 and I believe I deserve MY EFFING JELLYHORN, XUR, YA PUNK.

  • Bsnd

    Where is he?!

  • shadow

    Just checked xur…hes got the suros regime wooooooop

  • splix

    Suros yes, I missed out Mida MultiTool and want that to come back as soon as dragons breath did.

  • NgTurbo

    Suros or Thunderlord??

  • Slicedjet

    Xur won’t be selling gjallahorn or suros as they are considered power weapons that can only be obtained through hard work stop asking for something that won’t happen

    • Scottiehoff

      So many noob. He’s sold it before lol

    • Jayhaj


    • Justin Kyle Blevins

      Suros isn’t that hard to get. Jellyhorn is hard for a lot of players and it’s b.s. And thanks, we all know xur is gonna sell jellyhorn one day. But for the people playing since day one and still haven’t been able to obtain it but Christmas people have found it multiple times… Pssshhh, hard work my butt. Ain’t nothing but luck.

  • Ggty

    Sell hawkmoon i would trade my 3 dragons breath and my 3 last words for it

    • Anduin

      Never seeking hawkmoon since its a ps4 exclusive.

    • Justin Kyle Blevins

      Last Word is better imo. Cowboys always win.

  • Vlef

    Thunderlord would be welcome.

    • THX1968

      It’s gonna be Thunderlord. Every exotic I get on Nightfall, Xur sells it a few days later. Every single time.

      • aqueel siddique

        Not this time

        • THX1968

          I was very pleasantly surprised!

  • Nick p

    I want the no land beyond, I hear it’s the best exotic!!!

    • Bosco

      No just no

  • Lava Roush

    I got Gjallahorn in a NF so he better not sell it.

  • Logan Quinn

    How many straing coins is this weapon

    • asdfasdfdas

      This weapon can’t be bought with straing coins but you can get it for 23 strange coins if he sells it again.

  • FairPlay

    There is only one exotic xur should sell. It’s time to make this game fair for everyone. “Gjallahorn” we’ve waited to long.

    • austin

      if you cant spell it right you dont deserve it. its gjallarhorn

    • unknown

      if xur ever sold gjallarhorn bungie would have to nerf it because everyone would own it

  • J.C.Can

    the last word pls

  • Jory P

    Patience and Time

  • Villain dbl deuce


  • 100 Darkest

    the last word would be great

  • John Doe

    the suros would be nice.

  • Bob Bourg

    I bet sunbrakers will be back again haha

  • hercule abernathy derk

    jellyhorn just maybe

  • guy person

    I dont have an exotic primary. All legendary so lets please get me one this weekend. I have 40coins saved up and im lookin to go crazy

    • Octavias

      I’ve got 82 so far this week. And I just got Suros Regime from a normal lol 26 ROC strike yesterday.

  • Owen

    I have every exotic in game but thunder lord so please sell it xur

  • Pablo

    Last Word is overrated. Suros would be nice

  • J_DeMar

    Got suros in my first nightfall, I’m still hunting for g-horn though

  • Darkest prince

    Got Suros WANT LAST WORD

  • FracturedSteel

    I’d rather he sold the last word, wanted it for ages!

  • Jacob B Loco

    I was hoping for Suros or Gjallahorn and I got the Gjallahorn yesterday during a nihjtfall so I just need Suros.

  • Curtis

    Suros would be nice I hope xur sells it.

  • Byrdisthawyrd

    I need a launcher with tracking. Fresh 32 and I need an extra chance at crota

    • Justin Kyle Blevins

      Truth, hunger?

  • blaxe

    no dont sell it ghorn all the way

  • C Fresh

    With the auto rifle nerf, I don’t see why it’s not a legit possibility that he might sell Suros in the near future.

    • destiny ismy life

      It is the last exotic I need and has always been my most wanted I am praying that xur will have it friday