Rainbow Six Siege match gameplay from PC Alpha

Towards the end of March, we told you about some leaked Rainbow Six Siege gameplay that had been taken from the closed Alpha of the game.

Now though, we can bring you some proper footage as it looks like Ubisoft are now more relaxed about showing off the game. The closed Alpha is still underway, but we can now show you a full match in high quality for those that want to see how the game plays.

We know that there’s still many hardcore Rainbow Six fans out there from the PC and PS1 days in the 90’s, so if you still have a soft spot for the franchise you should definitely check out how Siege is looking.


The graphics are not amazing, but gameplay seems pretty fun once you get into it. There’s going to be a Rainbow Six Siege closed beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC – Ubisoft are now accepting sign-ups at the official website.

You have to be very lucky to get into the closed Alpha right now, but at least there’s plenty of gameplay clips now out there for those that are feeling left out.

Check out the new gameplay below and let us know if you are ready to jump back into the series after a long wait. Can Rainbow Six Siege compete with the likes of COD and Battlefield?



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