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Crazy Wheel high scores over 500 impossible

A new game is sweeping social media and it’s called Crazy Wheel by Justin Lindsay. Crazy Wheel for iPhone is now available, offering an addictive fix with a very simple gameplay format.

We know that many of you are currently playing this game so we want to know what your Crazy Wheel High scores are at the moment.

We’ve done some digging and as far as we’re aware, the best Crazy Wheel score right now appears to be well over 500. In fact, one Twitter user by the name of King K has managed to get a stunning score of 601 if you can believe that.


In a game that tests your reflexes to the max, we find it a bit unbelievable that someone can get over 600 on this game. It already starts to get pretty fast after 20, so you really need to stay alert if you want to get a score into the hundreds.

Some are calling this game completely useless, while others are saying it is very useful for training your brain – especially in terms of color coordination for young children.

What are your thoughts on Crazy wheel – hit or miss? Share your high scores below and let us know if you can beat 601.



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