7 Galaxy S6 OtterBox Defender Series Case options

When Samsung announced to the world its new Galaxy S6 handset we knew it would not be long before case makers started to tease us with new cases, and OtterBox was just one of them. However, a few weeks after the launch of the new handset we only got a look at just one case from OtterBox, and that was the Commuter Series.

However, we know that what many of you will have been waiting for was details on the release of the Galaxy S6 OtterBox Defender Series Case, and we can thankfully say that we now have more news for you.

7 Galaxy S6 OtterBox Defender Series Cases

There are a total of 7 case options in the Defender Series for the S6, and these are the standard black, Realtree Camo in pink, and also in Max 5 HD, along with NFL Edition Chicago Bears, Slip Cover in a choice of 6 colors, Shell with the same color options and finally the Holster.

Some of these are simple to choose and you can just add them to your cart, while others you can customize to your liking. Take the entire Defender Case, you have three options available to you, those are the shell, slip and also the holster color.

You can check out the entire range now, with prices starting from as little as $19.95 and going up to $59.95.



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