Marvel Mighty Heroes Gamertags for iOS, Android

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2015

A few days after launch, DeNA’s Marvel Mighty Heroes looks like a very solid game indeed. We’re happy with the current gameplay format as it isn’t too obtrusive in terms of forcing payments onto you.

Unlike most mobile RPGs, Mighty Heroes is different in the fact that it contains realtime co-op gameplay, live with your friends.

When you start off the game, you are given a default GamerTag, but you can change this into a more personalized one by heading into your Profile and clicking the yellow icon to edit it yourself.


After that, you’ll want to start adding friends to Marvel Mighty Heroes. To do this, go to the Friends tab at the top and simply enter the GamerTag of the user you want to add.

Once this is done, you’ll then be able to invite your friends on the main matchmaking page and if they are online they’ll be able to join your game.


Of course, you’ll be actually be competing against them to get more event points so it’s a little strange given that there’s not so much co-op element to the game – boss fights only perhaps.

What we’d like to see is a chat system, allowing you to chat to your friends once you have added them. Hopefully this is in the works in a future update but for now leave your Marvel Mighty Heroes Gamertags below in the comments section and let’s get this party started.

Despite the promotion issues, are you loving the game overall?

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