Fixes Vs DLC for next GTA V update in April 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 13, 2015

The next Grand Theft Auto V update for PS3 is version 1.25 and 1.11 for PS4, so today we look towards the future updates and what Rockstar should deliver in your opinion. The previous gap between patches was much smaller than normal, although this is due to Heists releasing and problems arriving with this DLC.

Most gamers welcome stability improvements and fixes to certain glitches, v1.09/v1.23 delivered these, it was the graphics problems and what looked like downgrading of graphics needing a fix last month. This came within the 1.10/1.24 update and with it, confirmation that the previous download created graphical problems and this resulted in a large debate within the community.


We have been hands-on since the previous download and seen graphics improve in GTA Online along with the single player mode. If you have seen something different, then leave a comment below with the platform you are playing on and more details.

What should the GTA V 1.25 PS3 and 1.11 PS4 update bring? If you have had enough of Heists, then you might be thinking about new DLC with additional cars and weapons. Those loving Heists and not bored might have problems needing a fix, or see bugs they’d like fixed with the next update.

While PC gamers start to pre-load the game download finally, we want to know today about new features, DLC, and bugs needing to release with the next GTA V update. Would you rather see new DLC or fixes to current server/game issues? Some requests have still not been met that we received within this article.

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  • Gemini2043

    what kind of retarded question is that? fix the game or make doc’s better? obviously you should have a completed game first before you worry about some dlc I still paid my money for the special edition (which I lost because ps3 got the yellow dot and I lost the account) but that aside worry about making the game itself patched before the dlc patches
    I’ve always been one who get upset over unfinished but released games which is what gta v was from the start they’ve fixed a lot but honestly people will still buy the game if it comes out a few months later it’s worth it for it to work

  • Hassan Raza

    Ability to buy one or two more properties so we can buy some vehicles from heist update without needing to sell other vehicles 🙂

  • david

    Wind turbine of gta v ps4 has a bug because is low of fps

  • yousuf17

    They shoud really bring some new cars and we need neon lights too in ps3, my gta online is still in the version 1.24 I want the update for my ps3 too

  • Mike

    I so want to see some new planes, we really need new stuff again. What special dates are coming up? They normally do event DLC, any ideas?

  • Bobby

    I am so bored of Heists already, I really do need some new guns and cars. The last update didn’t bring any of that, but I was happy to see the graphics thing fixed.