Best Mortal Kombat X fatality may be Kenshi’s

If you are looking forward to the launch of Mortal Kombat X and are wondering what the best fatality seen so far is, we have a feeling that Kenshi may turn out to be the winner of best Mortal Kombat X fatality.

Kenshi was briefly shown during the Mortal Kombat X All Access event, which was primarily used to unveil Goro for the first time.

However, Kenshi may have stolen the show somewhat as one of his fatalities is so brutal that it may be difficult to beat in terms of pure gore.


We have the full video to show you below, thanks to YouTuber RajmanGaming who has once again provided one of his top notch HD uploads – you’ll do better to find Kenshi’s Mortal Kombat X fatality in clearer quality.

This fatality actually reminds us of a classic Cyrax ‘helicopter’ fatality from MK3, but this one is obviously a lot more nasty.

It leads us to wonder what Kenshi’s second fatality in MKX is going to be like. Enjoy the clip below and let us know if Kenshi is going to be your character of choice when MKX launches on April 14.



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