Star Wars Battlefront beta hopes on Xbox One, PS4

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2015

With the upcoming world premiere of Star Wars Battlefront gameplay set for the Star Wars Celebration event in April, we wanted to talk about the possibility of developers DICE releasing a beta for the highly anticipated title.

So far, the game has already been shown off behind closed doors to retailers. Now, we have word that the game will be playable before the Celebration event, at EA Redwood Shores in San Francisco and EA Canada studios.

EA recently opened up applications for this play test at two specific websites, but unfortunately they have already been filled up by eager gamers who can’t wait to get a chance to play the game early.


Considering that the game is obviously in a playable state though, we wondered what the odds are of DICE releasing a closed or even open Star Wars Battlefront beta.

We still don’t have an official Star Wars Battlefront release date yet, other than the fact that it’s supposed to be due out sometime towards the end of 2015.

What better way to hype up the game further though, than to announce this month that there’s going to be a beta for the game on all platforms this Summer – how exciting would that be?

If you are looking forward to the launch of Battlefront, let us know if you think there should be a Star Wars Battlefront multiplayer beta or not.

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  • tony sparkes

    looking forward to this game when it comes out, but for now it be great to get a beta for

    Star Wars™ Battlefront

  • Artur

    yes I want a beta please , I want to see how the game is played, to launch far. I want to play in the bete now

  • Dalton marshall

    yes I want a beta because I need to know what to expect from this new game

  • Robert J. Canty

    Definitely need a beta. Need to see this game before I buy it. With no SP campaign or galactic conquest mode, the MP had better blow me away. With EA’s reputation and everything that has happened to Star Wars in the past couple years, buying this game on good faith and corn-fed reviews just wont cut it.

  • jimb

    Beta please and some coop action

  • Nicholas Maguire

    Yes! I want a beta 😀