Missing Mortal Kombat X characters mystery

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2015

Following on from our previous report on the Mortal Kombat X character select screen, we now wanted to talk a little bit about some of the missing Mortal Kombat X characters that didn’t make it into the game as a playable character.

While the roster will include 25 characters at launch, some of you are surprised to see that characters such as Noob Saibot, Smoke, Cyrax, Sektor, Kabal and Rain are missing from the main roster.

All is not lost however. We can tell you that Rain is playable in the story mode, while other characters such as Smoke and Nightwolf appear in certain cutscenes in the story mode too.

Cyrax, Kabal, Rain and Stryker have also been confirmed to appear in the game as assists, helping out the character briefly – although not being fully playable themselves.


Hopefully NetherRealm Studios have some surprises up their sleeves and have left some of these characters out as secret unlockables by completing the story mode on a hard difficulty level.

It would be somewhat surprising if we didn’t have the likes of Cyrax, Smoke and Nightwolf as fully playable characters, considering all three were featured in the main MK9 roster.

As we wait for more reveals for the game, let us know your thoughts on some of the missing popular characters in MKX. Do you agree that it is surprising that fighters such as Noob Saibot and Smoke appear to have been left out of the 25-fighter roster?

Who did you expect to see in the MK9 roster list, but haven’t made it in the end?

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  • Omega

    Noob Noob Noob!!!!

  • Kyle

    And wow, they left out Baraka too? This is BS Mortal Kombat. I’m very disappointed after all the hype

  • Farooqie

    Ed boon did say a character will be unlocked once story mode is completed. My bet’s on either Fujin or Rain.

  • vivi

    Noob Noob Noob!!!!

  • TheSneakyLizard

    Hopefully, they’ll release more DLC characters, besides the ones we already know of (Jason, Predator, Tanya, Tremor).

  • Blackops

    Noob is the best

  • Blackops


  • Blackops

    We won’t noob

  • EnclaveLoyalist4Ever


  • T

    Too many good character left out. I’ think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Trevor McCain

    So rain is playable? What? When was that a thing? I know he was in a cut scene drop kicking Kotal.

    Can someone point me towards where it said that Rain was playable?

    • NgTurbo

      After he kicks Kotal off of the building, they have a battle down below and you can control rain.

      • Trevor McCain

        When was that confirmed?

        So is rain unlockable as a fully playable fighter? I can’t see them making him playable for just a single fight?

        • blahblah meter

          just shut up

        • Trevor McCain

          Lol that was called for. Why should I?

        • NgTurbo

          No Rain is not fully playable..only in that battle or on PC using mods. I suspect he’ll be available fully in the weeks to come as DLC.

    • Sylvain Paquette

      Many believe Rain is the secret character of Mk X

  • kevin jack

    If johnny and jax made it in and they really didn’t need to be,it should be within their power to support fan favorites like kabal,nightwolf,rain,smoke,baraka,cyrax and sektor.and my all time fav as of mk9 badass noon ,I definitely need to see noon in this fully playable and 3 variation styles and fujin who now is confirmed in story from originally mk4 the only other God in the mk universe that we actually know of needs to be in this game ……..come on neither realms!!!!😢

  • havinthad

    Havik, fujin, smoke, kabal, rain, I guess nightwolf, a cyber ninja with cyrax sektor variations.. F cage and Briggs family they r wack!

  • RancidHeart


  • JVincent

    Kabal & smoke were always my goto picks.

  • Milan Berger

    I miss Baraka really hard…

  • Young_J

    This is fake they should put everyone in that game because people want to play not with everyone not just characters that dont have a big character develpoment through the story because people love those characters

  • RikkanFoxx

    I really wish Sindel was there!