Marvel Mighty Heroes promotion problems

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2015

A few months ago, we told you that Marvel Mighty Heroes was about to launch, a new free-to-play RPG action game from DeNA. Now, we’re delighted to see that the app is fully launched on Android and iOS – however there appears to be some initial teething problems that we’ve noticed straight away.

The most obvious of which is that at the moment, it looks like players cannot be promoted in Marvel Mighty Heroes. With the game just launching, DeNA is currently hosting its first event, allowing players the chance to unlock some great rewards such as exclusive characters like Ex Nihilo.

However, to unlock this character you need to finish in Vibranium league at the very least, which is the highest league available – four leagues up from the bronze league in which you start at.


Many players have already found themselves at rank 1 in the bronze league, but for some reason or another, they cannot be promoted into silver league in Marvel Mighty Heroes.

The good news to bring you however, is that the developers are already aware of the problems. A post on the game’s official Facebook page reveals that the problem issues are currently being worked on.


Hopefully a new Marvel Mighty Heroes bug fix update is coming this week and who knows, we may even see an extension to the Infinity event so that players have more time to get Ex Nihilo and the awesome Iron Man Model 42 suit.

Are you a new Marvel Mighty Heroes player? If so, let us know if you have had any problems getting promoted in the game. Overall though – are you loving this new game from DeNA?

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  • MMHeroGuy

    I play and the promotion tiers are frustrating. I’m currently in 10th in the Gold tier, but had to have 45k to even get to Gold. But looking at other people in the same Gold instance chart as me, there are 15 people (out of 100) that have less than 10k points. There’s also no way I’ll get promoted, because only the top 5 will, and it’s mathematically impossible for me to get the required points.

    • marvelfan

      issues fixed now for you? seem to be ok for me, although the tiers are getting tedious now with the constant battling and repetition.. rewards for vibranium 1-10 and 10-20 are the same too…seems pointless.