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Surface 3 release leads to obvious Pro 4 desire

You have to admire how Microsoft never made a huge deal with the release of the Surface 3, as there was no special event, we were just quietly told of when it will be available to purchase and what its changes were over its predecessor. However, its release has now led to an obvious desire for the Pro 4.

It was bound to happen, so we were not shocked when Microsoft was asked if they could confirm the Surface Pro 4, and when its likely release would be, and we were even less shocked at the response. That reaction, as reported on Tech Crunch was a straight to the point one, by just saying “Nothing.” You got to love how Microsoft just plainly said nothing after being asked, although can’t you blame them?

Surface 3 release

However, seeing as though the Pro 3 was released in June, 2013, we suspect that the rumors will now start to increase, and we just hope that Microsoft makes a bigger effort in revealing the Pro 4.

Saying that, we have to wonder if Microsoft might delay the Surface Pro 4, as surely they would rather release it running Windows 10, and not have to rely on people updating it from 8.1 if released before the new operating system is?

We know that Windows 10 will be out later this year, although no date has been finalized. Surely they will not choose September or October, as we know they are months when most eyes will be on the new iPhones and iPads.



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