New LG G4 modes for varied Android features

By Peter Chubb - Apr 2, 2015

We should learn details of the LG G4 release date later this month, as the new handset is to be unveiled on April 29th in several different cities, which are Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Seoul and Singapore. While this is good news to finally know when we will see what LG has planned for its new flagship smartphone, we have also learned that it is to come with two modes. We had assumed to see the handset at MWC, but we know how that went.

The two LG G4 modes will cater for different Android users, such as those looking for a more basic experience, to those that prefer a more expert proficiency.

We are told that the first mode will cater more towards Android users that prefer more basic features, and so will get a more basic interface, which is said to be far easier to use – perfect for those new to Android.

LG G4 design

LG G4 Expert Mode is more for those used to Android, and so will offer up increased features and functions. This means you can expect more camera functions, which includes more IOS settings, as well as exposures.

We expect a great deal more features in this mode, although they have yet to be detailed. However, with its unveil later this month we should expect to see some more leaked details in the coming days and weeks.

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