Mario Kart 8 200cc hype for hardcore players

Mario Kart 8 just keeps on getting better and better it seems right now. At the latest Nintendo Direct event, the company has just revealed that the Mario Kart 8 200cc update is coming on April 23 and that it’s going to be a free download for all players.

You heard that correctly. If you are a hardcore player and are looking for a greater challenge, 200cc is definitely that challenge and it’s going to come at no extra cost to you.

April 23 is the date to remember as that’s when it will be going live in the game. The reaction to this on social media has been very positive as you can imagine, with players so excited about the faster circuits that will be available with 200cc.


200cc will also work on all tracks available in the game, so it won’t be limited to certain tracks which is fantastic. You can see a little preview of the faster cars in the GIF that we knocked up below for you.

What is your reaction to Nintendo making this a free update to everyone? For those that are still daily players, leave your thoughts below on 200cc coming to the game on April 23.

Are you pumped?



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